23 07 2013


Nope, not falling for that scam, even though most of talk radio has.

Mike Enzi has an A+ from Numbers USA, and recently voted against the Gang Bangers of Eight bill.  Mrs. Perry is the daughter of the Vice-President of a notorious open borders neo-con.

What, she’s different?  Remember, different isn’t always better.  She’s also talking about no compromising and no selling out, except those types usually turn out to be the biggest sellouts.

Here again, we have another one that won’t jettison her politically advantageous maiden name.  Yes, Mrs. Antolinez and Mrs. Shepard, I’m looking at both of you. (*)

As Ann Coulter recently said, immigration isn’t an issue, and it’s not even the issue, it’s the only issue.  Immigration isn’t the kind of issue where you can live to fight another day if you lose today, because if we lose on immigration today, there will really be no tomorrow in which to fight.  I don’t care about Enzi’s other transgressions; we just can’t go tossing out solid people who are rock solid on the only issue there really is for some “different” fad.  At that rate, we won’t have any friends on the only issue.  I don’t care that Enzi wanted an internet sales tax.  Which would I rather have?  A sales tax on internet purchases or a majority non-white anti-white America?  Ooh, let me think about that for a millisecond and get back to you.

(*) – That reminds me.  Everyone is hoo-hawing over a book by Dr. Helen Smith called Men On Strike.  I got it on my e-reader and I was about halfway through with it until recent events overtook me.  While it’s a good book, the irony of someone like Dr. Helen Smith writing such a book about misandry is that she won’t even take her own husband’s surname for professional purposes.  Her husband is Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit.




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23 07 2013

The good news is that it’s Wyoming. You won’t have to change many minds to swing the outcome of the election.

23 07 2013

Here again, we have another one that won’t jettison her politically advantageous maiden name. Yes, Mrs. Antolinez and Mrs. Shepard, I’m looking at both of you.

And even more f’ed up is Theresa Heinz, a woman that keeps her previous (deceased) husband’s last name.

23 07 2013

She’s weird in that she publicly presented herself in 2004 was Theresa Heinz Kerry, which means she used both her previous dead husband’s surname and her current zombie husband’s surname. Good PR to remind people that the marriage has both a Forbes relative and a ketchup fortune in it at the same time.

BTW, Enzi 54 Cheney 26 at first polling. It’s more than a year out and a lot could change.


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