Draft Card

6 08 2013

The Bronx

Leaving the whole legally proscribed versus illicit paradigm aside for the sake of discussion, how is this any different than a military draft?

Sure, if Uncle Sam drafts you, and you don’t show up, they’re not going to ransack your family’s domicile.  But they just might send you to Leavenworth.

As late as a few centuries ago, conscription was commonly more instant and immediate than having a draft card and seeing if your number was drawn.  You could be the young adult son of a farmer, and you could be in town to get some chores or business or trading done.  Some quartermaster for His Majesty’s Navy could spy you, figure you for a good sailor, and seize you right then and there.  And by the time the night is over, you’re on a boat on your way to Barbados instead of taking your parents’ tailoring back to the farm.  And that’s hardly an extinct paradigm:  In the last decade, the Russian Army on any number of instances kidnapped young men straight off the streets and inducted them into the Army.




One response

6 08 2013

The gangs are hot after recruiting the 9 and 10 year old demographic because they can farm out some of the serious violence and dope dealing to them and they won’t be held much accountable if caught, because of their ages, and that hardly anyone would suspect a 9 or 10 year old boy of being up to no good.

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