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7 08 2013

Your Blogmeister’s Breakfast Table

*  Jeff Bezos is said to be a libertarian.  What that probably means is that he’s libertarian on sex, sexuality, reproduction, drugs, and of course, open borders.  On issues of government taxing, spending, regulation, 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment, he’s probably not so libertarian.  And also, in the biggest city in his home state, don’t say “citizen” or “brown bag.”

*  In related news, everyone who works for the Washington Post is suddenly joining Amazon Prime for some odd reason.

* Dear Rush: You still don’t get the difference between closed source software and a walled garden.

*  Michael Bloomberg is worried that New York City post-him will fall into Detroit-style dysfunctionality.  I don’t think there’s that much to worry about, as long as the NYPD does SQF.  And if you want the NYPD to continue doing SQF, Joe Lhota should be Michael Bloomberg’s successor.

*  Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy is blaming Michael Bloomberg for gun grabbing failing because of Bloomberg’s off-putting attitude.  Leahy’s a fine one to talk about being off-putting.  I’ve only ever heard my mother use the word “dickhead” once in my life, and she was saying that about…Patrick Leahy.

*  Obama’s new Arabic name:  Obama bin Golfin.

*  Newark, New Jersey is the world’s most unfriendly city.  So of course its mayor is about to go to the United States Senate.  It’s New Jersey, the Garbage State.  A state whose motto should have at least three expletives.

* Obama is boasting that amnesty and open borders would boost home values. (As an aside, it would also shoot apartment rental rates higher even faster than home prices.) Shorter Obama: The problem with America is that houses just aren’t expensive enough. I wish he would say that loudly and repeatedly.

* Mark Wahlberg is a fine one to tell Justin Bieber to behave and pull his pants up. Does anyone remember Marky Mark?

* Wendy Davis, the famous Texas state Senator of aborticide fame, told a D.C. confab that aborticide is “sacred ground.” Of course it is — Which snarky blogmeister has always told you that aborticide is the holy sacrament of the church of gender equality? The reason it’s so sacred and holy is that it’s “needed” to alleviate that most obvious of sex differences.



4 responses

7 08 2013

Is Bezos ‘tribe?’ Rumor has it…

7 08 2013

And are you basically assuming Booker will win? Holt is running pretty dorky commercials against him, claiming to be the true progressive.

Booker is another self-deluding ‘magical negro’ type. If only I could think of a word splicing ‘magical’ with ‘noble.’

8 08 2013
SoCal Patriot

“…Does anyone remember Marky Mark?”


8 08 2013

See what I mean?

“Marky Mark” was Mark Wahlberg’s mid-1990s persona, basically an underwear model. It’s a good acid test to see how old you are: If you think “Mark Wahlberg” is Marky Mark’s real name, then you’re round about middle age. If you think “Marky Mark” is Mark Walhberg’s past life, then you’re young.

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