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17 08 2013

Columbia, South Carolina


Fits News:

Sources: Mayor Planted “Racist” Graffiti

Sometime during the early morning hours of December 30, 2009, an unidentified vandal spray-painted racist graffiti on the side of Columbia, South Carolina’s city hall. What did the graffiti say? “No n*gger mayor die.”

This high-profile vandalization – which we condemned at the time as “another embarrassing incident for a city and state that can’t seem to escape reminders of its racist past” – prompted a furious response from Steve Benjamin, who at the time was the only black candidate running for mayor of Columbia.

“I was disgusted this morning to learn that what should be a symbol of inclusion in our representative democracy had been vandalized with bigotry and intolerance,” Benjamin said. “This is exactly why we need a new leader who can unify all of us behind a new vision for Columbia, and I am now more than ever dedicated to that cause.”

“Furious response from Benjamin…this is exactly why you need to elect me mayor.”

That sounds like his confession.  Yet it took almost four years for enough evidence to bubble up to implicate him?  If I was a detective, I would have fingered him as the doer and this as a race hoax right from moment one.




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17 08 2013

Is it me or is this guy’s head shaped line a football?

Anyway goes to show that the groid race hustle is alive and well and the bros are playing it up big time.

White Mom in VA aka Viking Bitch

18 08 2013

Re head like a football. He’s doing his imitation of Stuey from Family Guy.

17 08 2013

Of course some of the cops in Columbia SC figured him as the suspect right away. But they were too scared to speak up because they were too scared of pissing off someone who was probably about to be, and indeed did turn out to be, their next boss.

18 08 2013
r j p (@seedymedia)

…. their next boss.

Their next extremely racist boss.

18 08 2013

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Take away White pity and sympathy and the negro ain’t got shit. Fuck them!

18 08 2013
r j p (@seedymedia)

Roll on rollingwriter.

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