17 08 2013

This is probably NextMedia’s best animated-parody video yet.  They first came to prominence when they animated the events of that curious night after Thanksgiving for one Eldrick Tont Woods.  I first heard of them when they animated Al Gore’s chakra action.

Based on the following 1984 song by one hit wonder and Motown recording artist who went by the stage name Rockwell.  He (Kenneth Gordy) is Berry Gordy’s son, and of course Gordy founded Motown.  No nepotism there, eh?

This song is often mistaken for a Michael Jackson song.  Both he and Jermaine Jackson provided background vocals.  Ironically, Michael Jackson and all the Jacksons originally singed to Motown, but by this time, they had left Motown for CBS.




3 responses

17 08 2013

Great videos. I think most of us feel that there is no privacy left in the USA. Damn shame!

17 08 2013

We will have privacy when we disconnect from FUSA and its effed up government.

White Mom in VA

17 08 2013

This will hurt Obama among people that were until now some of his biggest fans.

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