Gunsies and Twosies

20 08 2013

New York City

Bloomy, NYPD show off a gun bust.

Bloomy blames North Carolina, South Carolina, but somehow doesn’t give credit to the SQF policy of his own PD.

But deep down in this article, you’ll find the words “aspiring rapper.”


There was a reason Bloomy didn’t cite SQF.  Because it had nothing to do with the circumstances which led to the bust.  It all had to do with the aforementioned “aspiring rapper” being dumb enough to brag about his exploits on Instagram.




One response

20 08 2013

And they had the guns pointed at the people in the conference room. If that isn’t a metaphor for Bloomberg and all the time he’s been mayor, getting some things right, a lot of things wrong, but screwing up the PR of what he gets right, then I don’t know what is.

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