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20 08 2013

Duncan, Oklahoma

Lamer con blog actually gets all racist and sheeyt and does investigative journalism.

One of the three suspects is a Chief Keef fan.  This article doesn’t mention this, but Chief Keef himself also launched his rap career through crime — Pointing a gun and (and perhaps also shooting at) a Chicago cop.  The word “Sosa” is associated with Chief Keef because Keef’s Twitter feed is called “CampaignSosa300,” and the gang to which he belongs frequently uses the number “300,” maybe having to do with house numbers.

Now, what this looks like is an anti-white hate crime designed to generate publicity to the suspects and jump start the rap career of at least one of them.


More pics.  Look at all that cash they’re flashing.  I can assure you that this didn’t come from any one of them cashing their paychecks from their neurosurgery jobs.  “Start Takin’ Lifes” is also a direct lyric from a Chief Keef song.

Also, we found out that one of the suspects was dancing and giggling and laughing as the cops brought him and the other suspects into jail.


More info.  The man who told the cops where to find the murderous three said that these were crips (James Edwards is seen in a blue bandana) who were out for his 17-yo son next because he wouldn’t join their gang.

Also, James Edwards, previously convicted of some other crime for which he was on probation, (and I’m sure no firearms was part of his probation) was at the county courthouse very shortly after he and his confederates allegedly murdered Lane to fill out probation documents.  Either he has balls of steel or no shame.


VAW unearths more Tweets.  This James Edwards directed a lot of his tweets at Chief Keef.




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7 05 2018
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