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4 09 2013




Only four states, New York, California, Texas, and  Florida, plus Washington, DC have inequality above the national average of .39, indicating both their very large populations, their very complex ethnicity, and large metropolitan economies rich in high income earners, entrenched concentrations of poverty, and high levels of immigration. Surprisingly, these states are even more unequal than the poorest states with the most difficult racial history and delayed development: Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

So this means income inequality in the United States is basically a four state problem.  You need an area to have one or more industries of great wealth production of some sort and a lot of low-IQ NAMs.


For an old Roosevelt Democrat, the persistence of widespread poverty and deepening inequality, even while the extremely rich capture ever higher shares of income and wealth, is outrageous. It brings the United States back to the degree of inequality last recorded in 1929. It is ironic that the lowest degree of inequality in American history was 39 years ago in 1974, during a Republican administration, and fifty years after the great March on Washington.  These new maps are not pretty, and sadly there is little prospect for improvement.

And what do “old Roosevelt Democrats” think about the immigration question?  Income inequality was at its nadir in 1974, which corresponds well to the early 1970s peaks of many positive metrics and nadirs of many negative metrics about individual economic prosperity.  What happened in the early 1970s?  Easy button:  The borders were swung wide open in 1965, and the flood of cheap labor non-white immigrants started to wreak havoc on the economy at that time.



3 responses

4 09 2013

Well, I’m not a troll, but apparently I am a ‘Joo obsessed crank.’ This is my last post on here, QD. You are part of the problem or I may be according to your recent comment on Amren. I tell you this so you may have the opportunity to grow. Snarcasm off.

4 09 2013

You’re leaving?

Don’t tell Bon, she might throw a party.

As an aside, by far, the #1 opiate among racially minded whites is this fanatical Jew obsession. I’ve seen it over and over again: People discover Jew, start thinking about Jew, start obsessing about Jew, blame everything that goes wrong on Jew, then turn batshit crazy. How do I avoid going batshit crazy? Easy, by not obsessing over Jews. This whole Syria mess has been a nightmare because it’s been a magnet for the J-obsessed cranks to come out of the woodwork big time

4 09 2013

I don’t get the Bon reference but don’t sweat it.

I’d say the #1 opiate of racially minded whites is fanatical negro obsession. It is killing the movement, and will continue to. Since I got put on moderation list for pointing out that Amren is the ultimate hasbara, my response to you may not make it past JT.

It’s been announced on Occidental Dissent. Yankees don’t obsess over the ‘negro;’ it’s simply not in our nature and never will be. We see the dynamics behind it all, and that doesn’t come from discovering Jew, as you put it, but from surviving their plurality.

It also comes from the nature of our own tribalism, which is based on love and respect for our ways and one another, not just on ‘blaming everything that goes wrong’ on anyone.

There are various elements who sort of unite to subjugate Whites, but at the end of the day, to underestimate the jewish orchestration, and profit, of and from that is to basically give the keys away.

I’m here to tell you that failing to identify those dynamics and the starring actors behind them will guarantee our failure as a people to survive and thrive.

My regards to Bon and all the rest of the Amren keyboard warriors…hope you make it to the real revolution. Just try not to weigh us down with your ‘obsessions’ with negrophobia and POC paranoia.

Believe it or not, I’m not groking snark here, just cyber crank fatigue. The reason the race realists have accomplished ZERO in 20 years is because you cyber crank yourselves into a corner. By obsessing over ‘negro’ and POC DNA you ensure certain persecution if your obsessions were ever exposed. You sound off on the internet but hide in real life.

The middle class whites know who their enemies are, and they know it’s not black DNA. They are fully capable of countenancing the truth, and backing it, but there is something deeply sick in the race realist movement that has only contributed to it’s continuing repression. Your unprovoked tribute to TCP imperialism just digs the cyber black hole of white rights movement deeper…

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