Sunday Wrap-Up

29 09 2013


*  Counting the title but not the byline, the article has 1,412 words.  But not a one of them is dedicated to the notion that any of this could be the fault of black people themselves.

That’s our P-D, the one we all know and love.

Jefferson Avenue needs new demographics.  It skirts the western edge of both the Benton Park and Lafayette Square neighborhoods, both mostly white, and the western part of McKinley is okay, but other than that, all the residential areas Jefferson Avenue goes through are solid Bell Curve City.

This happened several days ago now.  Since then, the local media have made a bigger deal of the deputy being in Forest Park after curfew than they have about the Bellcurvius thugs who pointed a gun at him, those thugs were also in the park after curfew.  Since the deputy was a St. Charles County deputy, odds are very high that he’s white.



What if they gave a gang summit and no gang bangers came?

That’s about as shocking to me as no sharks showing up at a meeting about the dangers of shark bites to swimmers.



*  Lost the URL, but behind the scenes, Obama is trying to maintain provisions in the supposedly dead Gang Bangers of Eight bill that expedites the deportation (quote-unquote) of dangerously criminal illegal aliens.



After reading this, I never want to hear “there’s no such thing as race” or “race is just a social construct” from any leftist ever again.

The case was assigned to Detective Rivera. When Deeanna mentioned the comment made by the Hispanic attackers that her son and his cousin “did not belong” in the area, he cut her off by saying, “Hate crimes don’t happen to white people.” Deeanna said, “I couldn’t believe a police officer said that.”

I’m so surprised that Detective Rivera didn’t think it was possible for a Hispanic on white hate crime to happen.   I’m so surprised that Jesse and Al don’t show up when there are black on white serious crimes or hate crimes.

I’m so surprised our avowed sworn enemies aren’t helping us or coming to our aid.

Unless I’m not so surprised.

$2 million in lunch money would buy a lot of school lunches.

BTW, I think she was probably more a bookkeeper than an accountant.  Accountants don’t often deal with actual cash money.

The revolution in permanence marches on.  And also…he has given boatloads of credibility to the last line of Bob Whitaker’s mantra.

Oh for God’s sake.

One of these days, maybe they’ll be able to breathe without wondering whether consuming oxygen makes them too black or not black enough.



What every good terrorist jihadist needs, a little bit of nooky.

Saintfie is probably in more trouble for wanting to move the location of the game than Keshi is for telling him to go back to Belgium.

*  “God is a Nigerian.”

Can I give Satan a second look?

Slavery:  It’s not such an old thing, or such an obsolete thing.

But does this mean the international sporting community will boycott the 2022 World Cup of Soccer?  No way Jose.  The real threat is if a Greek sprinter belongs to Golden Dawn, then it’s time to throw her out of all athletics.

“Soldiers of Islam,” an “Australian” Muslim bikers gang.

Go be a good soldier of Islam on a bike somewhere other than Australia.  Hell, they’ve got 57 Muslim countries to choose from.



No diversity at the Emmy Awards.  I’m sure this made half of the ten people that watched the Emmys upset.

But they were only keeping his jewelry in a safe place, such as the nearest pawn shop.

I guess this ends Justin Bieber’s rap career.

*  Economic collapses are generally a bad thing.  But if they mean crap like this isn’t pondered, then they do have a silver lining.

Ctrl-Alt-Del wasn’t a mistake, the whole Microsoft ecosystem was.



2 responses

30 09 2013

I do question the wisdom of jogging in an urban park at 11 at night. If he wanted to jog in a park with his girlfriend after park curfew, he was a St. Charles County deputy, he could have done it in a park in St. Charles County.

From the grapevine I’m plugged into, his girlfriend lives not far from Forest Park, that’s why they were there. She’s another one that ought to know better, especially her.

Your missing immigration link, I think it’s this:

30 09 2013

Re: the statement made that hate crimes do not happen to white people. Not surprising. I posted this story a couple days ago on VB. The local police have been Federalized. Holder’s Doctrine that white people cannot be victims of hate crimes is trickling down local police departments. Interesting that the officer’s last name is Rivera.

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