1 10 2013


What would you call this kind of instant rage on the part of “Julius James Graham,” a 43-year old man originally from Texas but living in a homeless shelter in Harlem?

We in the bigotsphere call it a “Category One Chimpout.”

Study carefully:




7 responses

1 10 2013

Could you paste these up all over St Louis?

1 10 2013

That wouldn’t be a bad idea. Knowing our city invented Knockout Martin Luther King (“Knockout Game”), I personally figure on Knockout Game being a Level 1.5 Chimpout.

Detroit could be called a Level 3.5 Chimpout.

1 10 2013

It just needs a color code.

White, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black

Time Machine! That’s a classic.

1 10 2013

Ghetto panhandling is maybe a level 1/2 chimp out

1 10 2013

Unmown lawns and pissing in alleys 1.3 on the Chimpometer?

20 10 2013
“But Some of My Very Best Friends Are White” | Countenance Blog

[…] that’s the way the NYDN wants to be PC and describe a Category Two Chimpout, then so be it.  At least they reported the racial aspect, and knowing the NYDN’s hard left […]

19 11 2013
Category 2.5 | Countenance Blog

[…] The only question is how you categorize this on the chimpout taxonomy scale. […]

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