Home Sweet Ted

19 10 2013


Libkooks post Ted Cruz’s home address thinking they could storm the premises just like the Razatards did Kris Kobach earlier this year.

Just one problem.

Cruz’s home address:


This would be The Royalton, just a tad west of downtown Houston.  If the unit number given is the one he lives in, (and for security purposes, he might officially be giving out the wrong one), and if unit numbers in this building are indicative of the floor they can be found on, he lives on the 19th floor of this 33-floor building.  Cheapest buy ATM is $455K, cheapest lease is $2,800.

Good luck getting past ground floor security, libkooks.

What’s curious to me is that a conservative Republican politician who is elected to a statewide office and therefore can live anywhere in the state lives in an urban condo.  I knew he lived in Houston, so I would have figured him for a large house on a cul-de-sac in The Woodlands or somewhere in Houston’s outer suburbs or exurbs.

Is this indicative of a cultural change, that conservative Republicans want to live in cities?

I know where I would be living right now if money was no object and the current owner had no objection.



One response

19 10 2013

I could not live that far above the ground.

What about the schools? Houston public schools are 87% black and hispanic. Though I doubt the Cruzes have to worry about private school tuition.

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