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19 10 2013


Why are the St. Louis City Public Schools given to social promotion?

Easy.  Who wants 15-year olds in the fourth grade?

Which is what you’d literally have if you followed the letter of even our relatively weak state law.



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19 10 2013

I already had an image of what a “Superintendent Kelvin Adams” looked like but I looked it up out of curiosity. Image confirmed.

The cost of holding back one student in St. Louis Public Schools is $14,375. …..Board member Richard Gaines said the notion of social promotion isn’t acceptable. But there are things to be considered that aren’t always obvious, he said, when holding a child back. “We want to move these kids along so socially they are not out of balance,” he said. “It needs to be seriously discussed how you do this.”

So the idea of not flunking students is based on money and not causing ego damage?

20 10 2013

However, he has no power, because of the state takeover of the district, all the district’s decisions are made by a state appointed three person board. There is still a supernintendo, and still an elected school board that hires him/her, but they’re currently powerless.

20 10 2013

If you assume that a straight up Gaussian distribution of IQ in fact is not happening in any racial group (i.e. an 87 IQ doesn’t lead to an even dispersion above and below the mean) then 8% of a given student group reading below norm out of the 13% of our American Problem is indeed a valid number. All other things (relative percentage blacks in Missouri etc.) being equal.

So. Rather than bore me with notions of Student Trauma and Group Identity (which is a powerful one among blacks who are already excluded from majority society and would, if held back a grade, face being lesser outcasts among their own group as well) as coverups for the State costs of limping blacks along, let’s instead establish a test system via PET or CAT scan which determines how low a functional intelligence as neural activity bias can be and still gain and benefit from (i.e. comprehension as retention of knowledge) reading skills.

I would _bet you money_ that the skew on that IQ variable fits the black IQ range of student success percentages like a glove (no, not OJs…).

At which point, you develop alternate trades based skills training which reflect whatever brain function is sufficiently elevated in blacks to justify what amounts to setasides for their training and job-availability. Letting them graduate early or late, based on acquisition of those skills.

A plumber doesn’t have to read much. A carpenter neither. Last I checked, those are still valid, high pay, social positions.

The other thing we can do is start to test whites to harder academic levels so that there is no doubt, among our children especially, that we expect them to racially outperform other students.

As we can make it white-fun and challenging to do so with the explicit understanding that ‘anything over a 100 grand per year needs dedication and good grades’.

And when they respond to this, white children get access to AP courses, college prep and perhaps summer internships on a college path through _private_ foundations.

We MUST do this. Because the State no longer gives a damn about us. And if you limp the inept along with huge disparities in allocated funds for their population size, you make The Gifted into cripples for want of having to slow-walk beside them.

When someone inevitably screams ‘racist tests!’ offer to have every black and Hispanic take them. While making it _explicitly_ clear that if they take these tests and fail they get ZERO accreditation for things like college.

Whereas if they just play along at being educated as an act of ingrained social conformism, they get access to a lottery system of quota guaranteed set asides which gets them into a percentage (population) equivalent number of guaranteed scholarships as Bachelor sheepskins.

Basket weaving and ethnic studies are popular I hear.

It’s a squeeze chart psychology as gaming strategy by which, in attempting to infiltrate white learning environments with all their destructive habits as a means to gain access to white ‘goodies’ which we would rather give only to our own, they suddenly have to perform at white standards to stay.

Or face get left behind however many grades it takes for them to catch up, sitting in class after class of white-faced eager students who don’t want to know the failure.

All the while sacrificing their cushy, shuck and jive approach to educational entitlement.

And since, irrespective of their yelling and ‘outrage’ antics, blacks _do know_ exactly how far from our level of intellect they operate at, this forces them to defacto admit whether they want to run with the elite in the outlier groups or stick in the center body where they are socially protected.

Guess which one they are going to choose. They will mutter about it. But they won’t overextend themselves. Because they don’t like the constant image of failure.

Once we have established who is better, _by choice_.

We have the beginnings of a pretext for doing _what is right_, for our people.

And that means giving Blacks 13% of this country’s finest terrain, and taking 63% of whatever is left for our own people. Leaving the rest to be Aztlan fought over by the Hispanics and the Asians whoever else is deemed fit for importation.

We are at our best when we Live Apart from the other races.

They know it outright and live in terror of abandonment.

And deep down, so do we.

It is nothing less than envy and the fear that we are leaving them completely behind, evolutionarily, that causes them to cling to us. Desperate to brake our progress as they cannot hope to accelerate their own.

Because this is the world which -we built- and they are not optimized to compete in it.

20 10 2013

A plumber doesn’t have to read much. A carpenter neither.

Both probably require 100 IQs minimum

20 10 2013

“We are at our best when we Live Apart from the other races.

They know it outright and live in terror of abandonment.”

Never a truer word spoken, oh for some politicians who will shout this from the rooftops.

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