“Eviter le quartier nord entre l’aéroport et le centre-ville, mais la navette reliant l’aéroport est sûre.”

15 11 2013


What the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs says about St. Louis.

Basically, Paris wants the French to avoid les noirs d’Amérique.



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15 11 2013

Drudge linked to this story about foreign offices reporting on the danger of America’s feral inner cities. It warmed my heart to see that. Those libtards will not like this disrepute for the “elite” progressive culture.

15 11 2013

Drudge has, for some time now, let a bit of light shine on race/crime issues which are always buried by the MSM. Kudos to him. Perhaps it’s true that the internet will be the vehicle for a White “awakening”.

My optimism falters, however, when I contemplate that the gubmint has a “shut-off” switch for the internet.

16 11 2013

Are the warnings for all those dangerous California cities in a separate volume?

19 11 2013
Bell Curve Highway | Countenance Blog

[…] Even France knows. […]

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