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21 11 2013


More Federal raps in the Gorilla Fambly scandal from the Baltimore hoosegow.  Nineteen people in all, 14 of them current or former guards at the jail.

No mugs provided, none needed.  Most of them look like older more haggity versions of Rachel Jeantel.



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22 11 2013

A union rep for the guards says the hiring process has to change.

“They need to do more extensive background checks and more training in the academy,” said Archer Blackwell, union representative.

A corrupt officer now off the job told investigators he or she made $10,000-15,0000 a week from pushing contraband.

No they don’t.

Assume the guard makes 40,000 a year if he’s a supervisor and 25,000 if he’s a junior CO.

If this idiot isn’t lying about the 10-15K per week (and I assume that’s gross ‘as sales’, not their cut of it), even if their take home is 10% of that, they are making 36,000 a year.

None of it taxed, all of it untraceable cash-spendable.

Which means that they have gone from middle blue collar to lower white collar income levels.


If a person can’t live well on the money they make and society can’t give them the purchasing authority to get the material wealth they want to be happy, there will be corruption to the extent that cheap, low risk, drugs for the druggies, sex for the desperate, ‘goods and services’ can cream the top off an even lower class of society.

Just because we left the jungle doesn’t mean that the predatory nature of man and particularly /black/ men has changed a single bit.

And here is the proof, white boys do it too-

State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein released this statement regarding the indictments:
“Today’s indictments are part of everyone’s continued efforts to promote integrity at Maryland’s jails and prisons. As a member of the Prison Task Force, which is comprised of multiple federal and state law enforcement partners, I want to thank U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein and his team for their tremendous work in the investigation and prosecution of corrupt correctional officers and defendants housed at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

If that sounds like a politician ‘thanking’ his campaign contributors it’s because that’s exactly what it is. Because in exchange for them exposing their dirty underwear, he gets to prove that ‘The System Works!’ (in creating more prison ready, corrupted, minds from all who work within it) and so the industry of incarceration becomes it’s own rent-seeking solution.

Reality Check: It’s 24,000 per year, per inmate in a low security facility. It’s 40 Large for a maximum security facility. If, from 13+19 -half- go to prison for-

If convicted, the correctional officers face up to 20 years in federal prison.

The numbers are staggering. 16 X 20 X 24 = 5,760,000 dollars.


Crime DOES pay, because the government DOES run it. Like a business.

I doubt seriously if these morons are making more than 500 grand a year. They are turning dependent wards under their care into drug addicted victims of violent protection schemes (‘rent’ or a we kick your ass) but even so, multiplied by 20 years, that’s 10 million dollars. Take away half as overhead, bribes, supplier costs, and the like. Divided by 32 people and you have 156,250 dollars or roughly 13,000 per month.

If you want the secret for why this society is failing, there it is, by the numbers. To be happy, doing bleep work, these folks need to be paid more 13,000 more per month than they are paid. They need the material purchasing authority of an upper middle class person.

And if we gave to them, just to sit still and be non-criminal, we wouldn’t be supporting the social networking system of white alpha males as the enablers and effectors of an -organized- society of labor exploitation by which ‘everyone has some’ but nobody has enough.

This is also why immigration is so damn popular among our evil corporate minded elitists in government and business. Because if this was a closed loop system, sooner or later some one would realize that taking people out of the consumerist pool and putting them into a fixed dependent lifestyle where all was given too them was killing the economy.

But so long as society has an endless flow of outside replacements, heck, lock’em all up, we’ll legalize more tomorrow.

We need robots. We need them yesterday. Both so that real, working class, people can legitimately create a sizeable enough labor pool that their work product can compete with crime.

And so that corruption in trust-sensitive positions doesn’t begin by victimizing the helpless, as even the worst criminals are helpless, because we lock them up in environments where they are totally dependent on ethical fair play to survive.

The alternative, is worse. It means more bureaucracy and behavior monitoring to figure out how an inmate can afford a 50 dollar pill to ‘go away for awhile’ from his rat trap. And how his supplier is able to source 90 of them for 4,500 dollars and nobody notice anything gone missing. It means more police state conditioned psychologies to monitor the police state.

It is sad that we won’t invest in those worth investing in but will support a criminal welfare system that destroys the handlers as fast as the inmates.

22 11 2013

And like I have said here before, jails in black areas are going to have guards that are mostly black women, because they want to hire men, but more than that they want affirmative action. Many black men can’t be hired because of their rap sheets, so the only option is black women.

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