Our Own Nigerian Inheritance

8 12 2013

Des Moines

The low grade affirmative action black lawyer son of another low grade affirmative action black lawyer (“civil rights icon”) actually believed that the big checks from Nigeria were soon to arrive, and actually conducted his legal business under that belief.

Predictably, the checks from west Africa aren’t going to come.  However, we got a lot of people from west Africa a long time ago, people that we would eventually move to Des Moines, call ’em equal, give ’em law degrees, dress ’em up in suits and call ’em civil rights icons.



One response

8 12 2013

Nigerian Anti-Terrorism Certificate?
Is the Iowa Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Board as gullible as the Putz.
This guy should be in have been prosecuted, but instead he is eligible for possible reinstatement of his law license in 12 months?

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