The Stigma Schmigma of Racism Schmacism

17 12 2013

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Pretty good article about white oversensitivity to accusations of “racism.” 

Until this part, when it gets pretty bad:

The flipside, though, is an important fact this experiment reveals about America: The campaign to stigmatize anti-black racism — the most corrosive force in this country’s history — has been remarkably successful. In fact, while we love to talk about this or that as “the last acceptable prejudice,” it would be more accurate to say that racism and sexism are the only prejudices that are thoroughly unacceptable.


To be clear here: The 4 percent of Americans who still say they wouldn’t vote for a black president constitute 1 in every 25 people, meaning that black people growing up today will still encounter proud racists. And further, to stigmatize racism is not to end it. People who would never, ever want to appear racist often nonetheless harbor subconscious biases or use race as a factor in employment decisions.

But still. Going from Jim Crow to white people who refuse to utter the words “Is the person black?” — often categorically, but frequently in deference to a nearby person of color — in 50 years is a remarkable accomplishment for the civil-rights movement, both as a social force and as a driver of government policy.

So, a knave who thinks that “anti-black racism” was “the most corrosive force in this country’s history,” who thinks that the “4 percent” (too bad it’s not much higher) of people “who still say they wouldn’t vote for a black president” are the “proud racists” that “black people growing up today will still encounter,” and praises as “a remarkable accomplishment for the civil rights movement” the fact that we have gone “from Jim Crow to white people refusing to utter the words” is all of a sudden upset when white people self-censor and engage in informal affirmative action.

Seems to me he got what he wanted.  Oh yes, he built the petard, smiling with every board cut and nail driven (turns out I was mistaken about what a petard really is), but then found out it that it’s not so nice to be hoisted on it.



8 responses

17 12 2013
John Derbyshire

Uh, a petard is a bomb, from Latin pedere, to break wind.

17 12 2013


Is this the one and only?

18 12 2013
John Derbyshire

None other. Why would anyone pretend to be me on a race-realist blog?

I’m a regular reader. Keep it up! Merry Christmas!!

18 12 2013

Sorry, it’s just that I never thought anyone important actually read this space.

And with that, I’ve either patronized you or insulted all my other readers, or both.

19 12 2013

Saw your link back to here in V-Dare.

(For those needing: )

First off, “particularly scathing” is pretty much the order of the day around here. You don’t get to be the snarkiest bastard on the internets without being scathing from time to time.

Second, I’m not exactly V-Dare’s favorite source. They have had some tart words for this medium in the past. Though they probably don’t remember. But if they do, you’ll probably hear about it.

Third, you floated the idea that the reason race bloggers such as myself are really ripping VerBruggen a new one is that it’s a generational thing, that U-30s are really drowned in cultural Marxism such that even when they wake up, they haven’t fully. For the record, and you might make of this what you will, I’m 36, and have been what I am politically since the age of 20.

17 12 2013

They place so much importance on demonstrating that black people don’t make them nervous that black people make them nervous.

No. You assume this is the case. The reality is that the whites -are already- uncomfortable around blacks because of their attitudes, their ignorance, their loud speech, impatient, aggressive and boisterously uncouth social skills, their smell and their appearance.

And they are already fighting their subconscious which says: “Get me away from this person because they are not like me and I don’t like the ways that they are different.”

The social engineering experiment which has uplifted criminally low IQ underachievers has created a condition which makes it impossible to say the obvious: You _should_ feel bad about having to interact with these people because your own need you and love you, more.

It is the situation that makes people uncomfortable because they are being forced to associate with people whom they don’t like.

We left Europe for that reason. We started a rebel nation for that reason.

And now the same bigoted ‘our way or the highway’ socialist libtards are chasing us with their petty control freak rules and feudal subjugation reminders that we will behave by their vision of what is right while on The Manor Lord’s property or be ineligible for any of societies benefits.

Keep in mind that blacks benefited three percent of Southern Whites, largely of a wealthy class that came over or became rich, early in our history. They have been nothing but trouble for the rest of us.

And we wish they would leave us alone. If they and our rich white minders want to go off somewhere and create a new and noble breed of society, that’s their business. Stop thrusting themselves upon us and we’ll all be happier.

21 12 2013

Excellent Blog thanks….the Big Elite/NWO will never leave us alone they must destroy any & all Christian based opposition….this is written in the ZIO/Masonic Book. Prepare.

18 12 2013
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