“Mama’s Boys”

19 12 2013



I wonder if he had anyone particular in mind.

When I lived in the area in 2009, my job was not with SIUC directly, but the school and especially the athletic department was a big client, and I was on the campus quite a bit.  What I’m about to say isn’t true for this season’s roster, but I know in general and in the recent past, SIUC loves to recruit in ESL, and also among second rate talent in Chicago.

Meaning a lot of the black ones ARE “mama’s boys,” because they’re certainly not daddy’s boys.




2 responses

19 12 2013

Do any of the Whites play or are they just GPAs and graduation statistics as Tom Wolfe would consider them in “I am Charlotte Simmons”.

19 12 2013

I don’t really follow Saluki basketball, so I wouldn’t know. But on this year’s roster, I do see four from rural southern Illinois, and three of the four are white. I suspect they give some pretty good white players from southern Illinois scholarships to avoid political problems, and then use them as bench warmers for four years.

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