Blind Sided, Again

11 01 2014



It’s “with intent to distribute” (marijuana) this time.

Which means a possible felony rap.

His parents must be so proud.  Or should I say his white adoptive parents.

This should explain the title of this post, which alludes to Michael Oher of The Blind Side fame.  DGB here is southwest Missouri’s equivalent.




4 responses

12 01 2014

His father defended him via text message?
I can only imagine what that text looked like.

I have been compiling a list of “n” names since June, mostly from articles about criminal activity. Why don’t I have a Joey Smith in it? Or a Marie Jones?

I can’t remember if there is a Countenance Axiom for this,
but the more the name deviates from conformation with acceptable
American culture, the more likely it is to be involved in illicit activity.

And yeah, Dorial Green-Beckham just made the list.

12 01 2014

His birth name was Dorial Green, the white people who adopted him surname Beckham, so they hyphenated his birth surname into theirs.

12 01 2014

I forgot that part.

There were a few white families that black middle/high school sports stars where I grew up in the 80s — they could give them a better home. These were not orphans, just adopted them from their welfare mothers.

This actually reminds me of something. In my high school, lockers were in sections, not in hallways. Seemed every black in the school had a locker around mine. The gifted program director lived two houses down from me and I road to school with her and her kids. And eventually began using her office as my locker. Was great, flavored instant coffee every morning.

This brings something else up. Other than the activity bus, I think I may have road the bus only a handful of times during high school. I was late getting out on one day and missed riding with her son (she was out that day) but got lucky enough to wave down my bus in front of the school (they loaded in the back). Her son liked to drive fast. Ironically on that day we were cautioned to slow down on the way to school by an on-coming driver. Anyway, I got home and napped on the couch like normal. My mom wakes me up and says BB (his initials) died in a car accident JS (initials again) had. I was supposed to be in that car.

12 01 2014

More back story:

The whole irony is that Springfield hardly has any blacks, just one very tiny census block is mostly black, yet there they go, putting themselves right in the middle of it.

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