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16 01 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

*  By now, Steve Sailer knows more about Stanley Fischer than Stanley Fischer knows about Stanley Fischer.

*  One of the big problems with the statistic that former NFL players have a suicide rate (supposedly) six times higher than the suicide rate of the country as a whole (aside from the fact that the genesis of that unsubstantiated “fact” turns out to be some dork with a fax machine, a former NFL player himself who probably has an axe to grind), is that we know that every former NFL player is a man of at least early middle age.  Meanwhile, the whole country includes women.  Men have a higher rate of successful suicide than women, even though women have a higher rate of attempted suicide than men, i.e. the axiom that women try more often and men succeed more often. But this means that the thing to do is to compare the suicide rate of former NFL players to the suicide rate of similarly aged men in general.

*  Jay Swearingen made a little bit of news yesterday at my place of work.  The Democrat House member from Kansas City announced that he won’t be running for Auditor this year.

And you can’t get a more appropriate name for an elected politician than “Swearing In.”




One response

16 01 2014

I started following the NFL back in 1963, the year I turned 9. A lot of changes have transpired since then.

Back then it was still by far, a predominantly, white mans game. Invented by whites, played by whites but the American negro was moving in fast.

The America negros success in sports is due to two primary causes. The first a physically smaller, lower IQed cerebrum which keeps him out of more cerebral occupations such as mission control in Houston; and two, a run fast, jump high athleticism his west African ancestry endowed him with in the form of fast flex muscle. This is the wherewithal from which the America negro was able to take control of the white man invented, game of basketball.

The run fast, jump high athleticism does not however impact the game of baseball, and so the negro does not dominate here. White liberals and negros can “see” evil whitey, the blue eyed devil here in this reality, persecuting the negro in his attempt to dominate baseball, but the reality and truth is, that his particular athleticism has very little impact in the sport.

In American football and the NFL however, the negros run fast, jump high athleticism does have a fair impact. The NFL now is about 65% negro, 33% white, 2% other.

I do not know about older NFLers committing suicide. However I do know that by far, 95% of those NFLers today, who break the law, are negro.

Further, it is clear to me that white super stars are targeted by negros for season ending hits, usually the knee or ankle. For example, Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Gronkowski, all white, have all received season ending hits to these vulnerable areas from negros.

Negros and white liberals will not allow talk in this area. No one is allowed to put this truth of reality out or they will suffer the fate of the jackboot liberal crusaders and negros as they target and headhunt anyone who fails to live within the liberal/negro ideology parameter. That ideology parameter always favors the negro wrongly, and always disfavors the white wrongly.

Is there any reason to wonder why, with this illusion being the reality in charge and giving the orders, that our white gene pool/race/culture/land and posterity are now in the going extinct phase?

We whites and our posterity are in trouble.

I’m PDK: Thank you.

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