Sunday Wrap-Up

19 01 2014


NAACP vs Keystone Cops.  I’m conflicted, really I am.

But because what seems to be happening here in all essence is that the NAACP and the Federal government are teaming up to kill South County Center, I’m going to have to side with the Keystone Cops.

*  How Bellcurvius does his Christmas (or should that be Kwanzaa?) shopping, mainly through the Kwanzaa principle of Ujamaa.

Poverty rate in St. Louis City and County going up.  The official solution?  More gibs, which obviously pushes people out of poverty and in the middle class.

WU will sponsor an all-girl charter school.  You’ll never guess who founded the school.

*  Munch on the irony:  Someone went into the baby changing station and found two people making more babies.

No bombs, but the threat of Bellcurvius remains.

Remember, they’re from Istanbul, not Constantinople.

Tempting, yes.

But take it from me, especially now from me.  This is basically vanity legislation that will go nowhere, has no chance of going anywhere, and that’s well known to the sponsors of this bill.  It’s just a publicity stunt.

Why you mad bro?  Kids are expected to learn this stuff way before they’re 13.

KCMO has a homicide problem, and Official Kansas City is at a loss for what to do.

It wouldn’t be speaking out of turn for me to suggest ook abatement, would it?

The White Castle is the most influential burger of all time.

Sure, because they’re the best kind of burger to eat when you’re drunk.

Thereby proving the desirability of her not having a car.

Crime in areas that the St. Louis County P.D. patrol was down in 2013 over 2012 — If you don’t count Jennings.

Violence at a funeral for a violence victim.  Always bet on Bellcurvius.

Fire damaged three homes in Venice.

This means that there none left.


Why are they in such a hurry?  Don’t they know it’s so much more lucrative to be an illegal alien?

A big 3% think that amnesty for illegal aliens is a top priority.

I think invading Syria had a higher approval rating.

*  Right on.  There is no STEM “labor shortage,” there’s only the gluttonous desire for ever-cheaper workers.

And it will increase something else, too.

Stay classy, John Boehner.


*  “Spies want Snowden dead.”  Stay classy, NSA.

*  Of course, it takes ole bigoted me to ask the obvious white elephant naked emperor question:  What was someone named Asef Mohamed doing trespassing in a water treatment facility?

Follow the bouncing ball.  It says that students who obviously identify with the hip-hop culture are “unfairly targeted” (i.e. properly punished) in urban schools.  Which means it’s their own hip-hop schools doing it to them.

*  Gains momentum?  You mean a lot of people are actually signing this piece of garbage?

I think all these reasons have validity.  But I think the biggest reason is all the youthfully conceited and arrogant “I want to make a difference” types.

The Nannies of New York.

The complaint here is that so many of the nannies are black or Hispanic while so many of the kids are white.  Okay then, white parents should only hire white nannies for their white kids.  Problem solved.

Fairly long read, so save it for later if you don’t have time.

But these are the fields we’re going to have to salt when we ultimately win.

Militant atheists WTF?  Don’t like the Bible?  Then don’t read it.

New Orleans education:  “Seven generations of crap.”

Translation:  Seven generations of blacks.

Because they’re trying to scam the system for some free gibs?

Yeah right.  And don’t think for one minute that she’s not trying to ride her son’s dead body to a small or large fortune.  As someone responded to me in the comment section there, his name has been Traydemarked.

Read closely.  Most of his bit will come from the armed robbery.  But nobody seems to be mad about that, it’s the animal abuse that has everyone steaming.


And what is Lucas doing setting up shop in Singapore?  Looking to outsource jobs?

The Met fiddles crime stats downward.

Mainly to paper over all that vibrant diversity.

London then, and London now.  Some of these will depress you.

*  What happens when people have too much time on their hands?


We have a massive fatal car wreck at the three way intersectionality between Muslim, Africa and LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  What’s a good lib to do?


Back to the future, back about 5,000 years.

I guess we can take this as a vote of no confidence against Obama’s NSA reforms.

As the old folks come, the young folks leave.  Take a hint:  The two are related.

How long will the FDA allow this test to be on the market when the disparate impact of it all surfaces?




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