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25 02 2014

New Orleans

What is this TV station?  A big fancy gift registry for New Orleans’s Bell Curve City?

If I was the GM of this hotel, I wouldn’t have taken this reporter’s call.  But knowing that the actual GM of his hotel did, and did what we knew he would inevitably do, he was smart to limit the party to the kid, his mom and two guests of the kid’s choosing.  Because it was his birthday party last year that caused all the problems — You know how that goes in Bell Curve City — Someone has a party for some reason, and most of the adults that show up don’t know or care who the party is being thrown for or why, and they bring all their beefs, business and arguments with them, and that usually ends up gunfire.

The only problem the kid’s going to have is that he only has two invitations to give out.  Whichever of his friends thinks they should have gotten one but won’t are going to be mad at him, which means I don’t think this kid has experienced the last of getting shot.

And notice he got a four-wheeler as a pity gift because his father was murdered last year.

So what is it now, we have to keep giving shit away every time one ook shoots or kills another?  That’ll only encourage them to keep doing it.



5 responses

26 02 2014

hilarious I love how these commentators talk….the blonde,…like it’s some kind of exciting thing …like she lives such a boring life and just can’t wait to talk about black shootings….like it’s so cool and hip to have another story of cool black senseless violence ….THREE TIMES,TWICE ON HIS BIRTHDAY…she gets all excited….omg white girls just can’t wait to go home to their monkey boys waiting at home..

26 02 2014
Lt. Greyman, NVA

The newzies act like bullets fall from space. Get a clue, black CAUSE the violence around them. It doesn’t jump out of the ground or fall from the sky. Blacks cause it and drive every White person around them away, like Detroit or Baltimore or NOLA.

26 02 2014

I think shootings are happy endings for niggah burfday pahties.

26 02 2014

Whoever linked to this post from SBPDL: Thanks much, and good job.

3 03 2014

Maybe she could afford something nice for him if she hadn’t spent all her money on that gold grill on her teeth.

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