Party’s Over

1 03 2014

Fox Park

Nicholas Kapusniak is an obviously white ethnic name, and Waukesha, Wisconsin is a white flight suburb of Milwaukee.

I just wonder why he and some of his fellow PharmCol students thought it was a good idea to hold a party in the middle of the night in Bell Curve City.

My bet is that the suspects, ooks of course, were aiming at someone else at a yard or residence on either side of where this party was taking place.


Story has gone international.  Daily Mail has vic pics.


The house was a de facto dorm for PharmCol students.

I’m starting to think this was a hate crime slash polar bear hunting.




4 responses

2 03 2014

Polish name.

26 03 2014
Titus Andronicus

Day 26 and nada. All the predictable bits on line – a family which will never recover, a pastor’s stock platitudes (not being critical – what has a man of God but that?), a fraternity’s pat press release, a token reward put up by his private college, [which I estimate rakes in roughly $26+ million/year not counting summer classes and all of the attendant fees ($10,000/$26,000,000 = .00038) – and probably spends more than that on one small faculty bash]. And other than CrimeStoppers, no friend or family member, no frat “bother” or “sister”, no one in his band or student he tutored, or mentoring professor, has put up a single dime. So much for solidarity.

Police are said to be interviewing 30 people who were probably ducking when their brains finally registered the sound as shooting. Maybe the police have an informant and a fair idea of who the shooter was but don’t have any hard evidence tying him to the event, or this is just #20 in a steady stream of bodies they’re looking into – I recall reading they don’t have a particularly high rate of success in solving murders in STL.

So Nicholas, with all of the attributes of the best and brightest, attributes we should champion, nurture and celebrate and protect with the utmost jealously, had his life and his children’s lives, cut off and the lives of everyone he would have touched lessened by someone with nothing whatsoever to contribute, an organism with no foresight, wholly focused on instant gratification, a worthless nothing, and, get this: life goes on with barely a hiccough.

Somewhere along the line you all must have had all of the classical rage bred out of you to leave an insult like this unanswered, reduced to an administrative process, a little mess to be tidied up more or less by civil servants. Manhood is melted into courtesies, valour into compliment, and men are only turned into tongue, and trim ones too: he is now as valiant as Hercules that only tells a lie and swears it.

26 03 2014

The SLPD has a big network of stool pidgeons. If this thing wasn’t solved within 2-3 days, then it will probably never be solved.

26 03 2014
Titus Andronicus

I’m aware the probability of solving Nicholas’ murder drops off sharply as time passes, though it wouldn’t surprise me to find the police have a good idea of who the shooter is and their ferrets are trying to find where the gun the shooter used is stashed so they can seize or buy it and match the bullet(s) recovered at the scene to the gun and attach the gun to the shooter – all speculation though.

What appalls me most after the senselessness of his murder is the passive acquiescence of his community, which has every reason to be incensed and should use that collective rage to effect change. Short of that Nicholas will have been sacrificed in accordance with the status quo – ended not with a bang but a whimper.

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