Sunday Wrap-Up

2 03 2014


Hunger Games, real estate edition.  I put it in the local section, even though someone on the WaPo staff wrote it, the P-D must have edited or amended it to include some St. Louis-relevant info.

She was arguing with her mother, and locked herself in a bedroom.  How old is she?  Twelve?

And you wonder why their school district is unaccredited.

He worked at a facility for those with developmental disabilities.

He very well could have been a resident there.

I don’t think this is what they meant by “be all you can be.”

Question:  Where’s the court martial?  All I read here are the Federal charges (the U.S. Attorney in the Metro East is using Hobbs Act to bring garden variety armed robberies into Federal jurisdiction a lot lately, mainly to take pressure off the crowded Illinois prison system), and also the state charges, which will probably get dumped if the Federal prosecution is successful.  Where’s UCMJ?

Conveniently left out of Kirkwood’s black history program was any mention of Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton.

Coincidentally, this gives me the opportunity to remind everyone that not all school district transfers are from Normandy to Francis Howell.


It’s a microcosm of how we solve the crime problem.

Duh.  That’s because charters can get away with strict discipline that publics cannot. It’s not that the students at charters are so much worse than students at publics. In fact, I think they’re a little bit better. It’s just that the publics have a whole lot of Rube Goldberg rules to mete out discipline and especially suspensions.

The school is 80% Hispanic and 11% black, but the basketball team in question is mostly black.  Which goes to show you how interested Hispanics are in basketball.





The Cho-sen ones.

*  Sorry.  We decided to tolerate this kind of corruption when we officially recognized diversity as a strength.


“Knockout Game.”  And they are correct.

Yo’ sista.

You’ll pardon me if I’m not automatically suspicious of something called “poverty center.”

I bet the employee who made this remark was also a black woman.

You say “Troubles at Oakland school,” I say “TNB.”

Why did he beat his son after a PTA conference?  The kid’s grades were too good?  He was acting white?

*  I never thought a “smoking gun” as such existed or was even necessary to explain IRSgate.  All we needed to know is that Barack H. Obama II is President.  But it turns out the eliminationist-agitprop rhetoric on the part of Obama and other powerful Democrats is a sort of a smoking gun.

*  Blogmeister Echo Syndrome:  Even the lamer cons are now starting to buzz buzz buzz that RINOs are in on IRSgate.

Translation:  Jen Kalaidis just had a kid.

Don’t worry, Don Lemon.  The world is already way ahead of you.

Hoax Alert, aka Whatchya Doin, Rabbi? Though this hoax is probably more along the lines of, “Whatchya Doin, Oil Driller?”


Ooks ruin London night life.

While I’m on that subject, enjoy Colin Flaherty in WND while you still can.  Just watch Joe Farah sell Flaherty out for thirty pieces of Google silver.


Doesn’t seem to be much different from a spring training facility.

Maybe the reason he didn’t put any “real” black women on his album art is because he actually wants people to buy it.

All the fault of white people for accomplishing too damned much.

Having made a mess of Earth, now they want to move on to other worlds.



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2 03 2014

I’ve been all over CofCC today writing comments about The Ukraine.

Which goes to show you how interested Hispanics are in basketball.

And yet today, the NBA teams are wearing Spanish language uniforms.

Detroit Two hits fairly close to home.

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