26 03 2014

Washington, D.C.

FBI gives the paranoia-industrial complex’s two biggest brand names, the ADL and SPLC, the heave-ho.

Party at my place this evening.



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26 03 2014
Patrick Cannon

Don’t celebrate too much. It’s not an indicator of emergent common sense so much as it is a statement of identification with Mohammedan causes over those of TWMNBN.

26 03 2014

I second the analysis in the first comment. The USA is not becoming Whiter; it is becoming more Mooslim. The FBI exemplar for a hate crime complainant on its hate crime page is currently an Arab Muslim. Eradicating the SPLC and, in particular, the ADL, as explicit resources removes a Jewish focus from the FBI’s public persona so that it can be more supportive of Mooslim-Amerikans.

Look for more aggressive legal actions against “profiling” of Mooslims and against “illegal” surveillance on Mooslim immigrants by government agencies.

The removal of the SPLC and the ADL as public arbiters of hate is good in itself. But it must be analyzed in the context of larger demographic trends.

27 03 2014
more of the same

Let’s take one step at a time. Compromising or putting big holes in the supposed moral authority of these two hate groups is good news.

27 03 2014

Da Mooslims have nothing remotely in the same league as da jooz´ AIPAC.

Bonus: Arch-Zionist French warmonger denounces Front National, the only French party opposed to Islamization:

27 03 2014

Note the sorts of things that Levy finds objectionable:

Among those cited by Levy is Thibault de la Tocnaye, an FN candidate at Avignon, who has made no secret of his anti-Islam stance, and who fought with Christian militia in Lebanon in the early 1980s.

Another named is Jean-Pierre Baumann, a candidate in Marseille, who at the trial of three FN activists accused of murdering 17-year-old Ibrahim Ali in 1995 said: “French people of French origin, we know them, they are all white.”

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