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10 04 2014


I’ll make this really easy for you.

Obama’s doing it for much the same reason why 28 Senate Democrats essentially sucked off Tom Steyer all night long a few weeks back.

Responding to the Democrat greenie weenie donor class.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Nevada Senator Dean Heller, both Republicans, are outraged at the Feds’ actions.  Not outraged is that other prominent Nevada politician, Harry Reid.  Hint hint.


Now we know why Reid has been so silent.  And that it’s not about tortoises, the same species of which the BLM killed/euthanized 800 in 2013 alone.


What mystifies me, now that I think about it, is this:

Why no PR pushback from the Feds? At least with Ruby Ridge, they concocted some bullshit rationale, and with Waco, they trucked out the child abuse line. So why aren’t they even trying with this case? Is it just a matter of they’re so arrogant that they don’t think that they even need come up with a reason?

Nevertheless, our side is winning the PR battle just because we showed up on that front and the other side did not.


Well I should have looked before I hit Enter. Looks like we won, for now, this time, and the reason seems to be that two sources that we ordinarily have a lot of problems with, Info Wars and the Kosher (“Free”) Republic, scooped Harry Reid’s interest in the whole matter.

That we won this round is not quite as important as why we won. And why did we win? Like I said above, we waged and won a war of public relations. A war where not one bullet flew, at least from our side. Because we actually tried and the other side did not. But I think we still would have won even if they would have tried to push back, because they had nothing, or what they had would have been easily refutable.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m now working a job that is partially PR. I had to learn the hard way in 2012 how important PR especially good or at least competent PR is. As far as that goes, I turned out to have a talent for it that I never knew I had.




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11 04 2014

It’s not about turtles.

It’s about something else.

That’s all I think for sure.

Precisely what, I have really no clue.

11 04 2014
Hard Right

The Milita is down there now. Reckon there’ll be a shoot-out?

11 04 2014

I think there will be a shoot out. They’ll be shooting a lot of video. From what I read, virtually all of them are going with nothing more than cameras. Their general consensus is to let the BLM do the first and only shooting, so that all the PR shit can land in the Feds’ faces, and from what I know now, the whole thing will end up with a Federal grand jury handing out corruption indictments against Harry Reid.

12 04 2014
more of the same

Reid is a despicable traitor to his race and country. IMO, he’ll never face indictment or impeachment. Why? Treason never prospers, what’s the reason? When it prospers none dare call it treason.

13 04 2014
Hard Right

“Why no PR pushback from the Feds?”

Bundy and his family were on Fox News every night. It would’ve been difficult for the Cathedral to portray them as fanatics, even if they’re Mormon.

13 04 2014

Harry Reid is also Mormon.

13 04 2014

Remember Holder was the one behind both Waco and Ruby Ridge.

14 04 2014
24 04 2014
Cliven Bundy Noticed the Black Undertow | Countenance Blog

[…] I’m the one who told you twelve days ago that our initial victory was one of public relations.  You didn’t think the empire wasn’t going to try to strike back on PR, did you?  With that said, here’s how to respond to it:  One option is to say that Bundy’s remarks are too left wing on race, which is what I think they are.  If you’re not a pedal to the medal HBD type like me, then another option is in a neutral sense to dismiss the remarks as totally irrelevant to the matter at hand, as irrelevant as if Bundy would have said that he thought that broccoli sucked.  What is not a good idea is to try to denounce these remarks yet still embrace Bundy and the pregnant question at the same time, because that just comes off as contradictory, and by contradictory, I mean schizophrenic.  If you’re not an HBDer like me, then you don’t want to muddy the waters, confuse the issue, and create a “Bundy is bad and good at the same time” philosophical paradox.  But to me, it’s not a paradox, because I don’t think racism is bad. […]

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