Donald Sterling

26 04 2014

Los Angeles

He was a multi-millionaire before he bought the Clippers.

The black players for the Clippers who were making noise about boycotting their next game because of Sterling’s comments wouldn’t have or be making anywhere near as much money as they have if not for professional basketball.

Something about beggars can’t be choosers keeps running through my mind.


Only one identifiably white man on their current roster, both their head coach and their associate head coach are black.  Sterling’s current girlfriend/whore/HPOA/sugar baby is also non-white.  So yeah, maybe Sterling’s real problem is with white people; that seems to be the disparate impact of his professional and personal decisions as of late.


Since this is about basketball and “racism,” you knew he’d have to have his say.





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27 04 2014

Once a white makes the decision to embrace apostasism, he has chosen to cross a line that should not be crossed and simultaneously displays his embracement of liberalism. Liberalism and apostasy for whites are the proverbial I, 2 knockout combination, for both our present selves and for our white, or would be white, posterity.

Liberals, the immature and insane, cheat in the game of life via social chess and the liberal illusion/ideology. It is the collective, of today or tomorrow, who must pay their bill.

I could care less if white liberals are stuck with their own bill. For example, the Boston Marathon bombing by Islamics in 4/2013. Liberals says there is nothing wrong with Islamics if we, evil whitey would just stop headhunting to persecute to crucify them. Liberal ideology’s, crocodile of diversity welcomes Islam into our culture and lands. Islam in reality is evil made manifest.

Therefore if a bombing victim there and then was a liberal, I could care less. My response to that particular liberal is welcome to reality pal. I have no sympathy or consolation for you.

The individual is born into this world with the single charge of embracing his personal responsibility to mature. It is those who shirk their responsibility to mature who gain at others expense, this is called parasitism.

Liberalism, the failure to mature or transcend insanity, is parasitism, and the worst kind of parasitism, the parasitism of their own kind, that first benefits those invasive others not of their own kind, and second achieves for the liberal a gain without earning the gain, which includes allowing the liberal to skirt the personal responsibility to mature charge.

We are all born into the current state of affairs of our day. There is a mathematical formula for any time period. In our modern white era, that mathematical formula reads, the more liberals there were yesteryear the more dystopic culture is today, the more liberals there are today the more dystopic the culture will be tomorrow.

We whites who chose to be the great man who enters the arena by embracing our personal responsibility to mature, rather than choosing to be the immature liberal who never enters the arena but always criticizes the great man who entered the arena, must realize to continue the good fight for those so unworthy, those who will consume all positives born of the effort, that the time has come, and the need has risen, for a new beginning without the burden of liberalism, undermining and destroying what is sacrosanct, by leaving them behind and beginning anew.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic,

From the sanctuary, @
I’m PDK: Thank you.

27 04 2014
Hard Right

Somebody doesn’t like negroes. Why is this news?

27 04 2014

“you knew he’d have to have his say”

Heaven forbid Obama should use this incident to remind the American people that we’re a nation of laws,(which were broken by Sterlings mistress) that we practice free speech and that we operate under a premise of innocent until proven guilty. Apparently, mentioning these silly notions would be considered too reactionary. Rather, he doles out the usual rhetoric about “ignorance” and of course, Americas “legacy of race and slavery”.
This is the kind of empty bullshit you expect to hear from a pimple faced freshman at Oberlin, not the President of the United States of America.

27 04 2014

It also sounds to me from what I’m reading in other places that she also did extortion up against him.

5 05 2014
Doing a Victory Lap | Countenance Blog

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