First They Came for the Confederate Flag

7 05 2014

Morgan Hill, California

A flag that is a symbol of hate, so much so that the state of California wants to pan it.

This one?



But also this one:


And also, I thought fences didn’t work.





3 responses

7 05 2014

Now they’re building fences to keep us out.

8 05 2014
SoCal Patriot

The vote against the CBF is NOT supported by all of us here in CA.

…”The only lawmaker to vote against the bill was Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, the leading Republican candidate for governor”…

That is the man I will be voting for this November, and I strongly urge my fellow Californians reading this blog to do the same.

A vote for Donnelly, is a vote for sanity (and a vote against political correctness).

8 05 2014
Overheard from Sam Francis’ Grave: “I Told You So, You F—–g Fools!” | VDARE.COM

[…] “First They Came for the Confederate Flag.” […]

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