Long Skank of the Law

18 05 2014


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4 responses

18 05 2014

Was Barney Fife verboten from engaging in persiflage with a prisoner in Mayberry? Ya’ll crackers beez rayciss

No law is above the man’s bloodline.

19 05 2014

What would that obviously high IQed, and talented negress, (LOL), do back in her own natural setting, the negro’s low culture of the primitive savage?

Has she ever thanked whitey for making her worthless existence the absolute highest quality of life she ever could experience? Or does she do the negro thing and blame whitey for persecuting to crucify her, holding her down, but then refusing to leave the white man’s higher culture of civilization for her own low culture of the primitive savage?

Instead of holding the white man’s invention of the cell phone to show the world her negress beauty, she could be holding a beautifying bone for her negro nose and showing the world how beautiful her natural negress self is.

Just a thought.

From the Sanctuary, where we don’t “bone the nose”, @ http://the-pdk.blogspot.com/
I’m PDK: Thank you.

19 05 2014

The owner of a bar I worked in when I was finishing college gave me one piece of advice:

Don’t f*ck where you eat.

And he wasn’t talking about the kitchen table.

19 05 2014

It’s like I’ve been saying every time this kind of issue comes up, of black jail or prison guards gone wild. They’ll hire black women for these jobs, because they want race based affirmative action, ideally they want men guarding other men, but so many black men have felony raps, so they have to settle for black women.

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