Sunday Wrap-Up

18 05 2014


*  Frank Lloyd Wright and St. Louis are two proper nouns that aren’t known to go together.  But sometimes, you do find a hen with teeth.

Whoever did this survey must have come to town on a very good day.

Dooley wants a quarter million to fight sex trafficking, i.e. slavery.  If I was on the County Council, I wouldn’t appropriate one dime until he admits who’s doing it.

*  “Michael Sam goes to work amidst hoopla,” hoopla the media itself have created.

ESL wants to be the end of the line for the “high” speed rail link between St. Louis and Chicago.

Of course, the last time ESL got a major train station, this helped change its demographics from first world to third world.

*  Nelly and Chingy are yesterday’s news.  (BTW, who’s Chingy?)  Now it’s time for a whole new crop of St. Louis crappers.

Homeless ook stabs another homeless ook to death in an argument over some woman.  Who must really be a prize herself, considering that she gravitates toward homeless men.

Now they tell the truth about Cairo.  When this shit was actually happening Cairo, from the late ’60s through the ’70s, they covered it up.  And by “this,” I mean a campaign of anti-white ethnic cleansing.  Now Cairo is just another ESL.


Jesse Jackson Junior is now doing the job he would have been doing all along but for him picking the right father.  Fate has a way of winning in the end.


Boehner press secretary hired away by and will work under Karen Ignagni, who is the single handed reason why ObamaDontCare has the individual mandate.  Still think that, on January 21, 2017, we have President Jeb Bush, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner, that ObamaDontCare is going to be repealed?

*  It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good WaPo-NYT pie fight.  I’m game.

Hispanic-on-Asian hate crime in San Jose.

So far, he’s not giving in.  Eat it, cultural Marxists.

Duke LAXers get a settlement from the City of Durham and the Durham PD.

*  “His ex-g/f’s son

The kid was white and the ex-g/f is also white.


Peruvians notice things.

What happens when people conclude that it takes more than a hash tag to combat evil.

*  Club Gitmo…where you get paid for a tropical vacation.

So why does it take an Asian to say what real Britons should be saying to the last individual of them?


One of the Sun’s litter mates has been found.

*  The more interesting question is this — What was Jack Nicholson, Mr. Lakers, doing at a Clippers game?

Bunch of front running phonies.




3 responses

19 05 2014
Hard Right

So far, he’s not giving in. Eat it, cultural Marxists.

Looks like he resigned today, but that’s ok.


21 05 2014

I forgot that Mitt Romney has a vacation house in Wolfeboro, so he rang in on this non-issue, saying that he should have resigned.

The more I see of Romney and his flacks in the months after he lost to Obama, the more glad I am that he didn’t win.

26 05 2014
Mark Train

That’d be of the line, all right.

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