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6 07 2014


They should say what they’re really concerned about.

Leave it to Mizzou to research this.

*  “They were out to get me because I was against the death penalty.”

No, you came out against the death penalty as battlespace preparation for back door jury tampering, trying to keep any black jurors from Chicago that might have made it onto your jury from voting to convict you.


Hmm, “Trung T. Le.”  Hmong?

Duh, we figured this out when it first started.  They’re coming because they’re pretty confident they’re going to get to say, no matter what big ears says in public.


PJB is expanding his Nixon apologetics into book form.  I doubt I’ll review it here, because I don’t think I’ll even have to read it.  Because the book will probably be little more than an expansion of columns he has already written, so I won’t have to say much more in response to what I’ve already said.

Friends don’t let friends push ice cream carts in Bell Curve City.

All this tells me is that “patriotism” means nothing, if it can be reduced to merely doing certain things.

What inequality is really all about.  The immigration thing is very fix-able, except that organized labor is in no mood to fix it.


Time’s run out, Barry.  By letting the clock run out, you’ve forfeited the game.  Final score:  Democrat Donors 1, American People 0.


Ebola is out of control in western Africa.  It’s only a matter of time until it hits Europe via the Camp of the Saints boat people stream from Africa into Italy.  Just like our own Camp of the Saints is making TB worse.

Zimbabwe is just about done. Will white people everywhere else in the world learn anything from it? Unlikely.

In Holland.  Let me say it again:  Holland.

This is why we just can’t ignore this Muslim issue, as long as so many of them are so close to us.


*  Dolly Parton still has it. (Or should it be “them?”)  It’s been a long time since she’s had a hit, 1991 was her last Top 10.  But she can still pack ’em in even in England.  Though probably a lot of the men that went to see her didn’t go for her singing abilities.

Spotify is doing to music what Netflix did to movies.  It says here that “country music remains huge,” but I don’t take that as good news because “country” means warmed over pop recorded in Nashville.

In a way, I’m lucky to be living right now, and lucky to have been born when I was.  Because I’ve seen the entire shift from analog physical media to digital physical media to digital virtual media files to pure cloud-based central server digital streaming as the forms of music distribution, all in my conscious lifetime.

The evolutionary basis of the human consumption of alcohol. The aperitif effect would explain why I once had a drunk at 2 AM White Castle.

All 71 of Facebook’s gender choices available to Facebook’s UK users.  Coming soon to an open air insane asylum called a “country” near you.

But Bill Clinton said it wasn’t really sex.  Strange that you can get a SEXually Transmitted Disease from non-sex.

This was as much fun as the Post-Modernism Essay Generator.  Nice catch over at Mindweapons.



4 responses

6 07 2014

1) The ice cream man: I must be getting old, soft, and sentimental, but this story almost had me in tears. This poor man is trying to make a living at a meager job, and is made subject to the feral negro. Self-defense by firearm would have him the new Zimmerman. Good hand-combat moves against so many would be futile unless he was VERY good and in very good shape. It is time for segregation again.

One reason I am moving to an area with decent demographics that are likely not to shift too much in the next decade is: I need to walk for exercise. Where I live now, I am subject to polar-bear hunting.

2) Going to jail for bacon thrown at a mosque. Of course. This IS the UK we’re talking about; a country that has had no spine for decades. I know some individual Brits who are good folks, but collectively, the country deserves everything it is getting, from the scourge of the Roma to the muslim problem they not just refuse to tackle, but virtually invite. Even the French are fighting back harder than they are.

3) Zimbabwe: I wonder if a Republican president would offer the whites refugee status? At least they, along with the whites of SA, have useable skills and are good stock. We know what King Putt’s answer is already.

6 07 2014

That Zimbabwe story had this little love kiss from the BBC about Mugabe:

Mugabe turns 90: Nine things you may not know


6 07 2014
David In TN

Just about every Illinois governor ends up doing time. Good point about Ryan’s motivation.

7 07 2014

The rest of his rant is basically the usual tripe of “everyone in prison is innocent.”

And also, don’t blame me, I would have voted for Glenn Poshard.

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