Sunday Wrap-Up

27 07 2014


St. Louis’s “Finest,” Part I

St. Louis’s “Finest,” Part II


Rahm says they need job training and jobs programs, not aware of the irony that Tevin Lee was already involved in such a program.

That’s all they can do, is memorize a script and parrot at the appropriate times.

The boy was allowed to be out at 10 PM, and is said to be “a victim of his mother’s (gang) affiliations.”  It’s why I’m not crying.


And why would anyone expect Barack Obama to want immigration law enforced?  Don’t you know, ICE only exists to enforce copyright and trademark laws.

VDH knows where this is leading, though what in the very end he considers a bug, I’m starting to see as more of a feature.

For the guy who has everything, more of everything.

*  Just as I suspected, they’re trading off a bad present for a bright future.


More concern trolling from the left.  First off, no Democrat is really interested in Republicans winning.  They are interested in Republicans losing, which should speak all in this matter.  Second, his whole case is based on Rand Paul’s appeal with younger voters.  His father had a big appeal with younger voters, too.  How’d that work out for him?  Younger voters (under 30) are only a blip on the political radar.

Everything you say can and will be used against you in a future political media buy.

And as most of you know, I’ve seen Bob Barr speak.

Maybe good news, but notice they didn’t dismiss because the legal doctrine of disparate impact is insane, they dismissed because the EEOC couldn’t prove disparate impact in this particular case.

They want us to notice things about the current membership of the Supreme Court.  Be careful, because we might get too out of control with our noticing, we might wind up noticing things that you won’t want us to notice.

Some of the surprising outcomes of SYG cases in Florida.


The quality and speed of the washing machines in the laundry rooms is now a recruiting tool for college sports scholarships?  As if any of these young people have ever done a load of laundry in their lives.  I made a little bit of money early in my freshman year of college teaching dorm neighbors how to do laundry properly, because none of them ever did any laundry and had no reason to learn how.  And they were above average intelligence young white people, not some De’Quantravious who plays footsball.

*  Because, back in the days when direct conversation about these things was off limits, you had to be pretty creative in your euphemisms.

Huey’s Doozy.



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