Libertarianism = Anti-White Race Denial

4 08 2014


Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) shows some racial patriotism.

LiberTARDian crank goes nuts:

There’s only one way to respond:

Jason Pye describes himself as “A libertarian (small-L) raised on punk rock and baseball.”  His website touts “free markets, individual liberty, limited government.”

White racial activists should have no problem with free markets, individual liberty and limited government.  However, the reason so many of us do is that where there is that rhetoric, there is often an anti-white race-denying liberTARDian crackpot behind it.

Pye self-describes as the “legislative director for the Libertarian Party of Georgia from 2008 to 2010.”  I wonder how many elected Libertarians there were in Georgia politics during that time period that they even needed a legislative director.  I’m guessing it was a number greater than zero and less than zero.  Meanwhile, Mo Brooks has won ten elections in his life, which is ten more than the “Libertarian Party of Georgia.”

And also…gay “marriage.”

Note:  Brooks was an assistant under Jeff Sessions when Sessions was Alabama Attorney General.  And I get the sense that Brooks is setting himself up to run for Senate in 2016 if Richard Shelby (82 years old that year) retires or in 2020 if Sessions himself retires.



14 responses

4 08 2014

I still consider myself a variety of libertarian (I would qualify it and call myself a libertarian race realist), but it does almost become embarrassing to admit this when so many self-described “libertarians” or “left-libertarians” are de facto suicide cultists. Libertarians used to be a much hardier lot and possessed of a degree of realism, as Ron Paul’s notorious newsletters and Lew Rockwell’s lapsed association with the likes of Jared Taylor demonstrate. Your readers might find these pieces of recent libertarian archaeology to be of interest:

4 08 2014

“Ron Paul’s notorious newsletters and Lew Rockwell’s lapsed association with the likes of Jared Taylor”

That was part of about a decade (1989-1997) of a putsch on the part of right-libertarians where they took on the veneer of white racial rhetoric in order to try to sell libertarianism to white racial thinkers and activists. They never had any intention on being serious racialists, they just wanted to sell libertarianism. When the project didn’t yield the results they wanted, they just quit and went back to all race denial all the time.

However, the particular damage of this project was that it got a whole bunch of white racial activists supporting to the point of fanaticism Ron Paul’s political ambitions, because they remember the newsletters, and they somehow got it in their heads that Ron Paul was/is secretly one of us, when he never was. Thankfully, that is not translating to Rand Paul, because every time Rand opens his mouth and something viciously anti-white comes out of it, the more and more people get it.

You might consider yourself a “variety of libertarian,” but libertarians want no part of you. Personally, I think “libertarian” is one of the most over-used terms in political discussion today. Far many more people call themselves or think themselves libertarian than actually are libertarian. Libertarian propensities is not the same as libertarian.

4 08 2014

Oh, I know the libertarians don’t want me. That’s been made abundantly clear. But they continue to serve a purpose in introducing open-minded prospects to politely revisionist modes of thought. Even if they don’t touch the “Holocaust” anymore and refuse to address human biodiversity, you can still hear them name-dropping Harry Elmer Barnes, trashing the New Deal and Abraham Lincoln, and talking about false flags – an unfamiliar concept to most people. It was my discovery of the Mises Institute, for instance, that got me to reconsider some of the public school propaganda I’d imbibed about WW2 and the Civil War. Eventually I realized that what I was getting from that sphere was only a fraction of reality; but it was a beginning, at least, and I think it works this way for a lot of people, with “libertarianism” or the Ron Paul movement or what have you functioning as an initiation into more radical consciousness. Even as hardcore racist a figure as Mike Delaney of ProThink says he started out as a Ron Paul supporter.

4 08 2014

If you’re making the case that the cuckold version of right-libertarianism from 1989-1997 was a viable gateway drug for real ethnonationalism, yes. But today’s libertarianism isn’t a gateway drug for anything but real drugs.

4 08 2014

Maybe so, but it worked for me. Gregory Hood wrote a thoughtful piece on the unlikely relationship between Ayn Rand’s thought and white nationalism that you and your readers might enjoy (or, alternately, enjoy refuting):

4 08 2014

Gregory Hood just might be today’s version of Sam Francis. I have a working relationship with him of sorts, it’s just that I can’t tell you in what capacity or how.

4 08 2014
David In TN

A few years ago I read that many Hollywood Republicans (Clint Eastwood to name one) call themselves “libertarians.” It is a way of people validating having no limits to what they desire.

They think it sounds better than “conservative.”

4 08 2014

Those idiots are everywhere. I’ve linked and made a long comment on all this here. And I’ve quibcagged your quote.

4 08 2014

Ex-Army is quickly becoming one of my favorites, so much so that I’m soon going to add its feed to my sidebar on the right ———>

The Democrats certainly don’t deny race, they just embrace the wrong ones.

4 08 2014

You guys got your terms all mixed up. Ron Paulists are not “right-libertarians.”

Right-libertarians are pro-defense, pro-military, Left-libertarians include the Ron Paulists who are antiwar, and kind of weenie when it comes to real man values. Hardly any left-libertarians ever served in the military.

Eric Dondero, USN 1981-85
Editor, Libertarian Republican

4 08 2014

Eric, thanks for this, it rings true. I have long disdained Ron Paul for a lot of his views on defense and the military.

4 08 2014

Turns out the real reason we should have rejected Ron Paul all along was immigration. Jack Ryan of Occidental Dissent has often posted a link to a YT video where Ron Paul is gushing over open borders and telling white voters in California that they just have to sit back and take the cheap labor competition, this video was from 1988.

4 08 2014
Rex May

Sort of true, except I wouldn’t say “antiwar” in this context. I’m antiwar, meaning that I consider war a serious business and only advocate it in our interests, much like Buchanan. Paul himself I think has varied over the years about issues. About Paul followers, I’d say they’re like you say, but include some right-libertarians, too.

5 08 2014
Just Wondering

Are there any libertarians that really start and run businesses? (I mean other than magazines, blogs and think tanks. Or law firms, medical practices, and other sole or partnership type professions.) Who are some good current examples of libertarians who started their own industrial firms, retail concerns, real estate companies, etc.?

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