First Time For Everything

11 08 2014


See my earlier frequently updated post.

This is the first black race riot in St. Louis history.  (See the comments below, turns out there was a big one in Alton in 1969-1970).  As far as riots go, this one was pretty weak, though I don’t think it’s over yet.  For one, these kinds of things take 72 hours to wear out, and for another, Al Sharpton is coming to town, so just his coming might recharge their batteries.

A couple of things to remember:

*  This should prove once and for all that crime causes poverty and not the other way around.

*  Race riots are not expressions of racial hopelessness and despair, they are expressions of racial power.  Note that before 1963, almost all race riots were white-led, including two in East St. Louis in the summer of 1917.  After 1963, they have been almost all black-led.

*  Until this weekend, St. Louis was (relatively) riot free because the cops historically did a good job instilling a sense of fear into the thick skulls of our Bellcurvii.  In  other cities where there have been black riots, blacks have been pandered to and coddled for a long time.

*  Now that our winning streak is over, it must mean by definition that the cops are starting to lose their mojo over Bell Curve City, and that St. Louis blacks don’t fear “da man” as much as they used to.

*  I find it curious that when we experienced our first one (in a long time), almost all the rioting was in North County, and not just for the fact that the events which sparked the riots happened there.  Why did it hardly spread into the city?  Offhand, I think the answer may be that the city cops have always impressed me a little more in terms of trying to stay one step ahead of the ooks than the suburban cops in both the bigger and the postage stamp municipalities of North County and more than that those great “internationally accredited” county browns.  Another possible explanation is that there has been a quiet concerted effort on the part of St. Louis’s civic elite to dump the worst blacks out of the city and onto North County, to make the city safe for hipsters, yuppies and gentrifiers.

*  The QT on West Florissant at the Moline Creek is a total loss.  First it was looted, then someone in a truck hauled off the ATM, then it was tagged with graffiti, then it was burned.  The reason it got hit hard is because Michael Brown was either headed to or headed from there when the Ferguson cops accosted him.  Then the next businesses to be hit were the nearby AutoZone and Zeiser Tire, where the impoverished people stole car batteries and rims.  Then it spread from there.

*  This photo that’s getting a lot of play on Twitter is a fake:


For one, it’s an older photo, because this is close to Commercial Street between Carr Avenue and the Martin Luther King bridge; this area is now part of the Lumiere Casino development, and it looks different now.  Second, I doubt that railroad viaduct would have ever been called on to transport flatbed railroad cars carrying tanks.  Third, any train on those elevated tracks will be either headed to or from the tunnels carrying that same train track line underneath the Arch grounds, and I don’t think those tanks could fit in the tunnels.

This was the safest place to be in Ferguson last night, and maybe also the next several.  I’m not kidding, either; didn’t hear about any damage to this place much less any attempts to B&E.





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11 08 2014
r j p

FOX Chicago reporting that Ben Crump will represent the deceased’s fambily.
Does he have a license to practice in Missouri?

11 08 2014

Doubt it, he’ll probably be a “legal assistant” to someone like Chet Pleban. Incidentally, Trayvon Martin’s father is an ESL native.

11 08 2014
Bon, From the Land of Babble

A lawyer on another thread reported the following:

“You can get temporary accreditation if you can demonstrate qualifications in another state so as to represent a client.”

11 08 2014

Big-time criminal defense lawyers can get special permission to represent their client in court in whatever jurisdiction the accused person faces charges in. This is how F. Lee Bailey and other “Perry Mason” types worked all over the country.

13 08 2014
11 08 2014

Not quite correct on the dates of the STL area race riots.
(Ferguson isn’t technically STL.)
1969 had some sporadic rioting after MLK got wacked. (James Earl Ray and brother were locals).

Alton had major riots in about 1969-70 that resulted in the burning of a large furniture store (Beidermans?), many sporadic business were burned. Black Panthers mini-gang-branch came from East St. Louis fired shots from machine gun at Alton High School. Riots quickly fizzled when the Africans began to attack white neighborhoods, as they were faced with street barricades of white homeowners . Too many white people in Alton worked for Winchester-Western and thus the state of the attack was met with a full armed response.
News was slower in those days, not many “roving reporters” and satellite News vans.

11 08 2014

Post Script —- I haven’t yet seen any criminal record of Saint Micheal Brown (Martyr of the African Village know as Ferguson).
Can a blogmiester introduce this variable into the fact frenzy?
Will MO Case-Net spit his name out?

11 08 2014

As far as I can tell, St. Michael had no rap sheet. But that’s subject to change, if he had a juvenile sheet, it would be sealed. I do know from the P-D that he was an uneven high school student, and only got to graduate “on time” because of various credit recovery programs.

11 08 2014

James Earl Ray was once a regular at what was once a tavern not too far from one my boyhood homes, the tavern now a renovated residence is a 1938 Arsenal.

I’m pretty adept at local history, and if I didn’t know Alton had riots in 69-70, then that goes to show you how well the local media hid it. Cairo, Illinois was a mini-Zimbabwe in the 1970s, the media in St. Louis covered it up, yet I know about that from people who experienced it firsthand.

11 08 2014

James Earl Ray lived in Alton on West 9th Street (very near Belle St, a former negro neighborhood, now mostly destroyed by Sect 8′ Ookdom). He lived in a rundown small white stone and wood frame house that was built in 19th century. An old lady I knew said he went , sometimes, to school at Mckinley School @ State & Bluff St. She said he and his bro’ were real tough kids.
The “colored people” tried to burn his house several times during the riot, and then finally succeeded later. I believe site is a vacant & unmarked lot now. No historic marker for sure in a town that praises Elijah Lovejoy (but the Alton townsfolk did manage to riot and kill that guy, then dump his body in the river).
The simple “barricade of the streets” sure did effectively work on the marching hordes of looters, but those guys who erected that defense were WW2 and KoreanWar vets accustomed to street fighting. I recall the mooncricket rioters running as if elephants were charging in a Tarzan movie……….

11 08 2014
Paladin Justice

Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
Blogger “Question Diversity” is a resident of the St. Louis area. He offers this unbiased analysis of the situation.

11 08 2014

This might be the first official riot, but I sense the cops lost the fear factor control some time ago. We’ve had mini-riots on the Delmar Loop for the last several years – see also the guy taking a shot at the major last year doing patrol duty. I keep hearing crime is down – but to me it seems like it has spread to places it didn’t use to be: holdups near Busch stadium downtown, Meghan Boken shot in broad daylight in the CWE, knockout game in Tower Grove area and on South Grand, shootings near Bevo Mill.

I used to have no worries about walking to my car after a Cardinals game – no more.

11 08 2014

Here’s a link to the story of the commander getting shot at last year:

Everyone is trying to tell me crime is down, but my lying eyes are telling me different.

11 08 2014

Knockout Martin Luther King is a Category 1

The Mahogany Mobs on the Delmar Loop is a Category 2

Last night was close to a Category 3

East St. Louis itself is close to a Category 4

11 08 2014
While Blogmeister Is Away, Bell Curve City Shall Play | Countenance Blog

[…] are all my relevant Tweets from last night, one of which is in error because a commenter on a later thread informed me that Alton had black race riots in […]

11 08 2014

Were I to live in irenic Ferguson, a couple of Bradleys to protect my home or business would seem to be an outstanding investment. Perhaps they are available, with a full complement of ammo, at the local army-navy outlet.

The army will be replacing the M2 Bradley with the GCV Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Whereto will all the surplus M2s redound.

11 08 2014

I wonder if the looters who took the ATM machine saw the relevant episode of Breaking Bad and know what a hell of a time they have ahead of them getting that thing open.

11 08 2014

But yo, there’s money in that mo fo.

I suppose I should keep an eye out on the STL Craigslist, if someone asks for help on how to break into an ATM machine, that’s probably a line on the doers.

11 08 2014
Sheeny Man

They don’t car– They’ll just sell it to their friends, and their friends, and their friends…

12 08 2014

If the Bellcurvii insist on a riot…remember to have plenty of ammo. Good hunting lads.

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