Survivor: Ferguson

19 08 2014


Face palm moment.

That’s because I just realized something that I already figured out last week but didn’t realize it well enough:

We’re living in the middle of damned TV show, an unscripted ratings-driven reality show.

Last night was the ninth night of either rioting, contained near-rioting or a block party.  As James Kirkpatrick noted, the 1965 Watts riots didn’t last this long, and those were real riots that were unusual for how long they lasted.  Most riots burn out after 72 hours.

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon.

What’s the extra added fuel source to this fire?

Someone jokingly tweeted last night that there were more old and new media people at Ground Zero than there were actual protesters and proto-rioters.

That’s it.  These are the first riots in the Web 2.0 social media era.  The last real riots were in Cincinnati in 2001, well before.

First off, there’s this tube and that tube, this stream and that stream, Instagram and Vine, Twitter and Facebook, World Star Hip Hop, and I could go on and on.   Second, I bet half the people congregated and Ground Zero have a smartphone, which means at a moment’s notice it’s a video camera with worldwide connectivity.

What’s fueling this hot ghetto mess lasting longer that it should have is the thousands of cameras around.  People want to be on TV, nothing more.

Which means this mess isn’t going to end until either very cool weather sets in, or the cops establish a civilian-free DMZ in the general area around Ground Zero and enforces it even to the point of shooting to kill.  It can’t be done just by keeping the “regular” media out anymore, because anyone with a smartphone has become a reporter.  It’s going to take keeping everyone out.




6 responses

19 08 2014
Capt John Charity Spring MA

My son, taking a break from his computer games thought the scene would have been an excellent video simulation.

Grand Theft Cigarillo.

A cop responding to a QT mart robbery faces an escalating reaction from baboons and chimps of all types. Street Thugs, Baby Mommas, Shabazz’s, Unk Warrant, Latrina Jones, Captain Rastus, AG Holder, Colin Powell, Don Cheadle, Oprah, Jay “the gimp” Nixon, Rageh Omar, Barack Obama.

19 08 2014

These events are begging for a good serious credible video simulation.

19 08 2014
Capt John Charity Spring MA

It’s actually more like a Groundhog Day simulation.

19 08 2014

Here’s another thing that is different today, and it is a huge one: now the government is on the side of the rioters. I wonder why?????

21 08 2014
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