Fall Down Go Boom

25 08 2014


What’s the matter, Ferugson?  Did your narrative fall down go boom?

Well, then, come to Uncle Blogmeister, and let him put a band-aid on it and make it all better.

Really, if this is accurate, and what makes me think it is mostly is because it’s in a paper that was loath to admit these things until now, then Michael Brown wasn’t really the best or the worst among the Bellcurvii you find in St. Louis or anywhere.  For the NYT to run with this is more or less the establishmentarians on the left dog whistling a message to the ground troops to retreat from the Fergaza Strip because it’s an unwinnable and counterproductive battle for them.

The big omission in this is that it does not mention the sine qua non, Brown running directly at and then lunging at Officer Wilson.  It’s the proximate causation to explain why he is now in the next world.



4 responses

25 08 2014

There’s a new leftist news outlet on Yahoo called Vox (as if there weren’t enough moonbat sources there already), and they’re whining about the NYT piece. You’re probably right about the dog whistling.

26 08 2014

Vox = Ezra Klein’s ego

26 08 2014

One friend did note that he thought he could use his size to resolve conflicts. “He swell up like ‘I mad’ and you back off.” To “scare away potential trouble” (like a store owner/clerk asking to be paid for items taken from behind the counter).

But don’t worry about narrative control. He “never threw a real punch,” he was “kind of edgy,” he was “serious about graduating,” “he could get along with anybody,” he was “philosophical” and “was grappling with life’s mysteries.”

It was them cops, you know, you “do one wrong move, they kill you.” ONE WRONG MOVE. The rest of his choices were just boys being boys.

26 08 2014

How much philosophy and how many life mysteries can one find in that great epic about green eggs and ham?

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