Sunday Wrap-Up

9 11 2014


The love that a grandson has for his grandmother.

Benjamin Netanyahu won’t tolerate riots and disturbing in the aftermath of a questionable police shooting.  I hope he was talking about the Fergaza Strip.  Though he was probably referring to the Gaza Strip.

RIP, Valley Park.


*  Narrowing the digital divide?  No, exposing why there should be one.

I really do feel sorry for him, and I’m not being glib.  Other than for the fact that he was made the take the fall for the Secret Service’s incompetence, and that he has now lost the best job he ever had, there’s the matter of who concocted the now debunked rumor that he had a felony rap sheet.  My bet is some CYA operation inside the White House.

This is taking place at the University of San Francisco, that is, the one in San Francisco, you know, that hyper-gentrifying city where market rate for apartments big enough to hold mom dad and a couple of kids is now over $10,000 a month, and where the black and Hispanic share of the population is falling fast.  Do you ever get the feeling that all this left wing professorial chest thumping about “privilege” is a big damned LOOK SQUIRREL?

2014 state by state turnout compared to 2010.

Boo hoo.  Cry me a Potomac River.

*  Something else which may have helped contribute to the red wave nature of Tuesday?  GamerGate.


*  “Soccer racism in Mexico.”  Speaks all.  Though almost all of this “racism” is nothing more than name calling and practical jokes.

Hard to believe that badminton players feel the need to juice.  I fail to see what good it would do, because badminton.

Mash up nude beach, invading black African migrants and Ebola, and I’m surprised Twitter didn’t break down.

This makes me think of an old saying:  You can’t go home again.


* Fodder for the Saving Country Music website.

Back when they were more powerful.



One response

9 11 2014

Played above a ‘hit and giggle’ level, badminton can be incredibly vigorous. Moving up and back, side to side, powering the birdie back, takes a lot of quickness, which requires repeated bursts of muscle exertion akin to the start of a sprint. So a long match also requires a lot of endurance. Your body is tense the whole time. I can see how as a player ages he may turn to doping in order to keep up with younger, stronger challengers. The thing is, before the arrival of millions of Asian immigrants it was seldom played competitively in the US — so people don’t know what it’s like. Nowadays many California high school sports leagues have organized badminton — to accommodate the Asians.

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