Fergaza Strip

25 11 2014


From Channel 5’s gallery of the festivities last night and the day after.

Notice this one (click to enlarge):


When I use the term “Fergaza Strip” here, this is what I mean.  This is a head-on view of it looking north.

This is West Florissant Avenue between the traffic light for Solway in the foreground, the next three are Ferguson Avenue (apartment farms directly to the west), then Canfield Drive (apartment farms directly to the east, where Michael Brown died), then Northwinds Estates (apartment farms to the east).  Once you get north of there, you have single family owner occupied residences on both sides, until you get close to Chambers Road where there are more (now burned down) commercial spaces; at that point, you’ll have crossed out of Ferguson and into Dellwood.  But West Florissant between Solway and Northwinds Estates has been the heart of the action since August 9.

You’ll note that the photo was taken from the vantage point of going downhill then it stays flat then it goes back uphill.  This is the floodplain of the Moline Creek, which this drag crosses over between Canfield and Northwinds Estates.

Behind and to the right of the vantage point of this photo, and up on something of a bluff, is the world headquarters of Emerson Electric.

Also what should be noted is that the right side (east bank) of West Florissant Avenue from the foreground until almost when you get to the Family Dollar is actually in Jennings, not Ferguson.  The rest of the photo is in Ferguson.  This is why I said here a few months ago that Ferguson is the new Jennings, that the Fergaza Strip has more of a Jennings feel.

In the foreground south of the McDonalds is the parking lot sign for the Ferguson Market where Michael Brown purloined his last box of cigarillos.  You can see the path he walked from there up to Canfield, as he took the final walk of his life.




3 responses

25 11 2014
Hard Right

I see your buddy Wallace is calling it “Fergadishu.”

26 11 2014
Paladin Justice

Good pic and info on the geography around the battleground. Less urban and more suburban than I had pictured it in my mind. The trees give it an almost rural vibe.

26 11 2014

Remember, Ferguson was once a white suburb, 99% white in 1970. Lots of major cities are dumping their urban underclass blacks onto older inner suburbs to get them out of the central core cities to make those safe for hipsters and gentrifiers. St. Louis is no exception.

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