Post-Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

30 11 2014


He already did well, so now he’s coming to do “good.”

Copying?  Maybe.  But the concept doesn’t seem so profound that more than one person can’t come up with it independently.

Car wreck at an intersectionality.  Considering that most anti-gun nuts also love the handsupdontshoot rabble.

Don’t blame the cop.  It’s just the TALA Doctrine at work.

LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH and the Comprehensive Crowd want a piece of the action.

Yes, I agree.  Any chance that Ferguson had to recover from this went away on Monday night.  Expect a glut of Ferguson houses to go on the market in the spring. And not just from white people.

*  Take it from me — There isn’t much going on in Jefferson City during this time of the year.

*  No, it’s not a new civil rights movement, it’s the old people from the old civil rights movement trying to relive their glory days, just like Al Bundy constantly talked about his four touchdowns in one game back in high school.


Lewis Reed’s SUV stolen and used as a battering ram to break into a sail foam sto’.

Damn Swedes again.


Lost in the hubbub.  We’re not supposed to care or even notice.

I don’t know whose side to take.  The CBC, well, you always try to be on the opposite side of them.  But the dime store Indians here are only in it for the benefits and the casino.

All he did was co-discover DNA.  If he cured cancer tomorrow, the world wouldn’t want it.


The welfare imam strikes again.  I thought of the whole welfare imam concept when the local news broke about the supposed EBT bomb conspirators here locally.

*  The UK doesn’t do Thanksgiving, but now they do the day after.



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