Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

24 01 2015



Police: Third person dies after shooting at Nebraska party

Okay, nothing there.

The vast majority of people at the scene refused to help police…

Hmm, that sounds like a certain group of people I know.

Police said 19-year-old JaKela Foster and 24-year-old Latecia Fox were declared dead at the scene…

JaKela and Latecia, good Bulgarian names.

The five people who were wounded were identified as Adrelet Bush, 25; Treveon Lillard, 20; Trenelle Miller, 21; Johnny Tiller, 21; and Jordyn Zyla, 20. Schmaderer said they were in stable condition late Saturday afternoon, though other details about their conditions weren’t released.

Good Lithuanian names.

Remember, Omaha is the home of the thug cussing baby and a lot of other niceties.


A result of long time festering intra-gang disputes and beefs.  Not inter-gang, intra-gang.  All within the Bloods.  Notice too here that there was a subsequent brawl at the hospital where the victims were taken.



3 responses

25 01 2015
Dale Gribble

Shooting at 24th and Parker in Omaha, think of Natural Bridge and Goodfellow.

25 01 2015
Stan D Mute

The comment thread at that story is hilarious. Was reading it this morning after I saw the link on Drudge and it was the best Sunday funnies I’ve seen in a long time.

25 01 2015

Still blows me away that blacks are treated like victims. As long as democrats are president slavery will continue except they wont work but just spit out kids and get free food, housing, medical and legal.

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