4 02 2015


Fun time, kiddos.

Capital New York:

Amid tensions, Sharpton lashes out at younger activists


Below the surface of this anti-police brutality movement was another struggle—an inter-generational fight, pitting younger activists against an older, more seasoned set of players, the most prominent of which is Rev. Al Sharpton. Their strategies were less focused on street theatrics and public disruption and more on articulating a message through formal speeches and lobbying elected leaders in meetings.


Today, the 60-year-old reverend responded to the growing challenge by lashing out at younger activists, addressing them in a speech to his congregants.

“They are pimping you,” he said, referring to activists who he said were trying to divide young protesters from the older generation of activists.

No, you’re pimping them.  You’re helping to provoke them to run out on to the streets and cause trouble, so that you can use the images of that as proof that your “seasoned” agenda needs to come to fruition.  A classic pincher movement:  The pressure from below is the younger street vermin, the pressure from above is Sharpton and his speeches and lobbying and MSNBC show.

IOW, there’s no “pitting” here.  Both sides are serving the same purpose.

Sharpton said he acquiesced, and told the crowd in Harlem today, “I’ve been meeting with them and talking with them since. And they were told, ‘Your problem is Al Sharpton and the other guys.’ Anytime you have movements, whether it’s in Ferguson, whether it’s in New York, whether it’s in Denver, wherever it is, when they got you more angry at your parents then they got you at the vote you’re supposed to be out there for, you’re being tricked and you’re trying to turn the community into tricks. And they are pimping you, to do the Willie Lynch in our community.”

It was a reference to the colonial era slaveowner who taught others how to manipulate slaves into submission.

The “Willie Lynch letter” is a tabloid agitprop forgery.  Think of it as the black American equivalent of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

“And why they got y’all arguing about old or young in Ferguson, they running an election and y’all ain’t got a candidate in the race. Cause you’re busy arguing with your mommy and daddy when they re-electing a mayor, and re-electing a prosecutor. They got you arguing about who going to lead a march—the old or the young—when they cutting up the city budget. You can’t be that stupid! You more worried about who going to lead [National Action Network] than who going to be the governor with a multi-billion dollar budget that you got to pay state tax in. You can’t be that stupid.

Proving once again that “Ferguson” was Democrat GOTV.

One young protester, Josmar Trujillo, founder of the group New Yorkers Against Bratton, said Sharpton has not been helping younger activists pushing for police reforms in New York City.

Sharpton is helping Sharpton, which is all that matters to Sharpton.

In a statement to Capital following Sharpton’s speech, Trujillo wrote, “In New York, specifically in the majority of the work happening in the last year, Sharpton’s brand is largely seen as destructive at worst– irrelevant at best.”

“Largely seen” by whom?  If he’s not held in high esteem, it’s in the eyes of people that don’t matter.  Here in the real world, Sharpton is richer than ever, more important than ever, more powerful than ever, more immune from tax law than ever.  He has already conquered New York City, New York State, Washington, D.C., and is well on his way to conquering Hollywood and the Silicon Valley/San Francisco.

Trujillo also said, “As we move ahead here in New York, inspired by Ferguson youth, we’re speaking truth to power. Sharpton, and others like him, are in fact much too cozy with power to fill that role.

Well, you don’t get rich, powerful and important by “cozying up” to young people with no money power or status. Go ahead and speak truth to power all you want. Power will respond by dialing up the volume on its megaphone.  Power has a way of creating its own truth.




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4 02 2015

The last paragraph from you. Another perfect dart board 180.

24 02 2015
Thanks, But We Knew This Already | Countenance Blog

[…] reason why this expose will largely not matter is because of something I wrote in this space three weeks ago.  Sharpton’s reputation is bad, but it’s bad among people that don’t matter.  […]

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