So-Called News

4 02 2015


The big news with the male half of the low information undertow today is that a bunch of 17-18 year old mostly black men are going to college.  Of course, ESPN (“TMZ for Men”) is making a BFD and a big damned production out of it.

You’d think the football cult would take at least a week off after their big annual worship service.

Oh well.

Congruent with all that hoopla, we found out that the University of Tennessee spends $1.3 million a year on football recruiting.  Not $1.3 million a year on anything useful.  No, it’s $1.3 million a year to convince 17-18 year old mostly black men to play footzball in Knoxville for the next 3-5 years.  And what’s that big recruiting budget getting them?  The Vols haven’t been any good for quite some time.  Last I heard about them, their head coach was kvetching about how the players didn’t have any “shower discipline.”  And they had some fool name “Nu’Keese” who must have done something so awful that they went so far as to kick him to the curb.

Of course, that’s small change compared to the $10 million a year for ten years that rich University of Texas alumni were willing to pony up to lure Nick Saban away from Alabama to go to Austin.  Not $100 million given to the New Century Foundation.



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