Leonard Nimoy

28 02 2015

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I don’t know why Leonard Nimoy’s passing shook me up.  Or I didn’t until this morning.  I’m not a Trekkie; yes, I have watched my fair share of Star Trek episodes and a few of the movies in my life, but I’m not a junkie.  And Nimoy was 83 years old; men of that age are living on borrowed time statistically speaking, and men of that age die all the time, I know.

Leave it up to Eric Raymond, who made Ferguson a beyond-a-reasonable-doubt closed case affair on August 18, to answer my question.  Leonard Nimoy was the first real popular culture nerd.



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28 02 2015

Rest in Peace, Mr. Spock. The importance of The Prime Directive, technology, space exploration, and much more, was inculcated into me by Star Trek. My favorite episode is “The Measure of a Man” from Star Trek: TNG, Season 2, Episode 9.

28 02 2015

The Prime Directive. Something I wish we would have come up with a few hundred years ago. “No, Caleb, maybe we should leave them alone and pick our own cotton.”

I also think what’s going on in my head is the concept of paleo-futurism. In fact, there used to be a blog called Paleo-Future. Referring to the past’s lofty predictions of and expectations about the future, and the disappointing delta between them and the reality of the present.

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