Half, Almost

2 03 2015


P-D’s latest report on the FergCom confirms something I’ve heard in rumor form for some time:

That reality includes a patchwork of police departments in St. Louis County that write enough tickets to generate 46 percent of the revenue collected in Missouri from traffic and court fines with only 22 percent of the state’s population.

When I was hearing this in rumor form, I was hearing that the figure was half, 50 percent.

I don’t know if this statistic is exclusive to municipal PDs within St. Louis County writing tickets for the municipalities which they serve, or if this also includes the County Browns writing tickets in unincorporated St. Louis County and the incorporated municipalities that contract out to the County Browns or ones like Jennings whose departments got so bad that they had to shut them down and outsource to the County Browns.

I’ll say it again, I know you’re getting tired of reading it, but it’s worth repeating:  A municipality so dependent on ticket and fine revenue should disincorporate.  The first to go should be those postage stamp cities in near North County, those are almost entirely dependent.

Remember, though, Michael Brown didn’t die because he was in arrears on a traffic ticket.

Also interesting:

It also includes a region were 61 percent of the jobs are located more than 10 miles outside downtown St. Louis, making St. Louis one of the most “decentralized labor markets in the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas,” said Rev. Starsky Wilson, the commission’s other co-chair.

The prime reason for that:  Interstate 270.  A big percentage of the area’s jobs are based along 270 exits from Dorsett down to Manchester.  Using St. Louis City Hall as the endpoint for Downtown St. Louis, those exits are between 13.6 and 14.8 miles away as the crow flies.



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