Capital Crime

24 03 2015

New Orleans


He was found guilty of the capital crime of first degree delivering pizzas in Bell Curve City, and quickly executed.

The right to a speedy trial.



5 responses

24 03 2015
David In TN

Years ago I’d read news accounts of Pizza places refusing to deliver in “some neighborhoods.” The local NAACP would be stridently objecting to the policy.

25 03 2015
David In TN

Today, the reward was raised to $10,000.

28 03 2015
David In TN

Sure enough, the residents of New Orlean’s Ninth Ward are “outraged.” At the murder of a pizza driver? Of course not. They are “outraged” that Domino’s is changing their policy to not delivering there after dark.

Just as I mentioned above. it never fails.

29 03 2015
Stop the World | Countenance Blog

[…] course, since littering is a felony, and delivering pizzas is a capital crime, why the hell […]

1 04 2015
David In TN

An arrest has been made. One of the Usual Suspects.

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