Sunday Wrap-Up

29 03 2015


Ferguson:  Back to normal.

Bell Curve City, comes through again.  Like champs.

*  They’ve got to be kidding.  Yeah, there are some slick mags that I expect this from.  But Fortune?  Or is that Misfortune?

What, they don’t want any preening race lectures in Des Peres?  Incidentally, Des Peres has two, count ’em, two, of another (in)famous chain, that being Chick-fil-A, one inside West County Mall and another freestanding one east of the mall.  I have a CfA story below; stay tuned.

*  St. Louis is so old (remember, 250th birthday last year) that it is now possible to do archaeology just based on our European/white history.

*  Counterfeit money, long a Murphysboro pastime, has now spread one town to the west.

Of course.  They’re kids.  Kids are just…kids.  My best friend from about that age until I changed schools in the fourth grade was black, and just as nerdy as I was.  We talk maybe once every few years, but we just can’t be friends like we used to back in second through fourth grade, because we’ve become different people.  And in this case, my race-obsessed self is saying that race is not relevant to this matter.  Incidentally, he is the part owner of a commercial HVAC business in town these days.

*  Althoff Catholic HS of Belleville was the state runner up in basketball in their enrollment class.  They lost to St. Joseph’s of Westchester, west suburban Cook County.  That’s one of the schools featured in a relatively famous documentary, Hoop Dreams.  One of the two main subjects of that documentary wound up going to Mineral Area CC down in Farmington for his his first two years of college ball.  Anyway, as I was thumbing through this photo gallery, I found out that Gene Pingatore, who was St. Joe’s basketball head coach during the time this documentary was being made (1987-1991) is still their head coach.  He’s been around so long, that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he coached Jesus Christ himself when he played high school hoops.

12 years old, he was going on 16.

“What happens when schools send 12-year olds completely off the grid?”  Answer:  The schools are doing 12-year olds a big favor.

That’s what we do.  Emmanuel Goldstein, Darren Wilson, Haven Monahan, Great White Defendant, George Zimmerman, John Hancock, Duke Lacrosse, Det. Pagones, Fox News Channel.  The fifth and fourth last lines are money.


Why is this a surprise?  This is why Terry McAuliffe wanted to be Governor of Virginia so badly, and more specifically, why the Clintons wanted him to be Governor so badly.  I’m sure his being Governor will help HRC in her Presidential campaign, both during primary season and if she makes it that far general seasons.


Get ready for the chimpout via pen and phone.

In theory, I don’t see a problem with this.  In practice, it’s going to turn out to be a big clusterfuck.  Because I know who is proposing this and why she is proposing this and who she is thinking will benefit from it.  She’s thinking about a demographic that thinks that food is what comes out of the clown’s head at the 365BellCurve fast feeder.  “Whatchyoo fonna do wif’a karrot, dawg?”

White liberals think that blacks are just like white liberals and would be if they only had more on their EBT cards.  Not to be outdone, white conservatives thinks that blacks are just like white conservatives and would be if only the areas where they lived had lower taxes.

*  Sit down, because this is going to be so shocking that your knees will buckle and give in:

Evangelical Christian Hispanic-Americans attending a Christian college support Ted Cruz for President.

I think the driver here is evangelical Christian, not necessarily Hispanic.

*  If they’re going to use SJW bully tactics against us, then we should use them against them.  But I’m not cheering this story at all, for some reason.  Honestly, what I really want more than anything is for SJW bullying, either them against us or us against them, to go away.

You’d think Duke would learn from racial hoaxes.

This whole nice things versus black people conundrum.

This does not surprise me anymore, being an aficionado of Tommy Sotomayor videos.  But one of the “wimmenz” here is 39 years old.  Hell, that’s older than I am, even counting my odometer rolling up by one on Tuesday, and she’s still out doing fight clubs?  Even if I was ever the fighting type, I wouldn’t be doing it now.

Yeah, they do rock.  And roll, if the last story is any indication.

Also, I was not aware that black women are suffering for a lack of self-esteem.

Bad news, with a silver lining.

And now for some very good news.


SPLC pops some corks.


Easy.  They’ll try to bully and SJW the business world.

*  Yes, I’ve heard the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  But this is ridiculous.



4 responses

29 03 2015

Agree 100% on the “bully” post.

29 03 2015

Pretty good blog you’ve got there. I doubt I’d agree with most of the stuff. But anyone who takes it to Tim Wiseguy has at least something on the ball.

29 03 2015

I hear Apple has entered into an agreement with the CEO of Starbucks. The next OS release for iPhones will start up with “This is Siri; I want to talk to you about race…”

29 03 2015

Your iPhone will stay locked until you click the heels of your shoes together three times then say, “Dismantle white privilege, dismantle white privilege, dismantle white privilege…”

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