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30 03 2015


The first entry, just so you can get caught up.

Now for today’s entry:

Bobby Shmurda’s Mother Says He’s No Gang Member

I did not know one needed to be gang member in order to commit murder.

Prosecutors may think Bobby Shmurda is a gangster, but his mother doesn’t believe it. Leslie Pollard, a restaurateur from Brooklyn, sat down with My Fox NY to talk about her son’s incarceration.

“Restauranteur,” which means at best she runs some hole in the wall chicken or BBQ shack, or more likely she works at a fast feeder.

“They have their eyes on the minority youth in our neighborhood and they know what they want to see from [them],” she said, adding that she considers the entire GS-9 crew to be her babies.

She may not be that far off about the “her babies” part.

A few weekends ago, I binge watched an eight part documentary on Netflix that CNN produced, called Chicagoland.  Which was more or less an in-kind contribution to Rahm Emanuel’s reelection campaign.  But it did have a lot of useful stuff.  At one point, it showed gang maps, and showed the streets that might as well be Berlin Walls.  It also compared gang violence to the Hatfields and the McCoys.  Light bulbs went off in my head, because I know that in the parts of Appalachia, KY-WV, where the Hatfield-McCoy feud germinated and festered, during that time, about 20% of marriages were to second cousins or closer.  Whenever you have long standing festering family feuds and vendettas, the Hatfields and McCoys, the Mafia (Cosa Nostra) (as late as 1964, almost half of marriages in Sicily were among first cousins, and Sicilians’ repudiation of consanguinity is what finally ended the Mafia’s steam), the Muslim Middle East and South Asia for a very long time (Pakistan currently has the highest rate of cousin marriage in the world), or what not, you don’t have to scratch the surface very much to discover a lot of inbreeding and close cousin marriage.  So when you have parts of Chicago where black people are scared to cross given streets, this means they spend almost all their time in relatively tight neighborhoods.  And by implication, they do a lot of their copulation and reproduction in those areas.  So this means the gangs are to an extent extended families bound by relatively tight inbreeding.  The longer it lasts, the worse it’s going to get.

It very well could be the case that the thirteen other yoots caught up in this dragnet, while they might not literally be her kids, might actually be relatively closely related to her, and she might know it consciously, or she might not but maybe she does subconsciously.

It’s true, “they have their eyes on the minority youth” in those areas, and “what they want to see from them” is for them to shape up or ship out.  New York is a too important city full of too important people to let the black undertow fester.

“He has a lot of charisma. He loves to dance. He loves to sing. He likes to be the center of attention; that’s what he likes to do,” she said.

That’s so unusual in Bell Curve City.

But it must be some sort of affirmative defense against murder.



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