The Butt Of Our Jokes

3 05 2015



Who is he?  Well, go find out!

For those of you who are new either here or to our movement, and you read his first name being bandied about here and on other sites, you may have been thinking that we were joking, or making up a stereotypically black name just to be mean or sarcastic.  But he’s real, he’s a real person, meaning someone gave him that name.

His name and identity has been known since he was first arrested back in September 2011, but it wasn’t until now that I’ve been able to associate a face with that God-awful name.  In between then, we found out that he and the other defendants were a mahogany mob that murdered a young white man, as part of a “polar bear hunting” epidemic in Decatur.

He looks like, well, you know.



One response

3 05 2015
David In TN

Yep, he’s kind of a legendary figure. I first saw him mentioned by the late Lawrence Auster.

The bad (but to be expected) thing is he’ll be paroled at a relatively young age.

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