There Were Never Much Devoted Sisters

3 05 2015

Greater Ville



Sisters shot and killed in north St. Louis

Deadly violence again shakes St. Louis overnight. This time, two sisters were shot and killed in north St. Louis. Police were called around 12:15am Sunday for a shooting. They found the victims in a vacant lot at Vandeventer and Labadie Avenues.

The two are identified as Antquonette Hale, 20, and her sister, Tahnaizja Smith, 15, of the 3900 block of Oregon in south St. Louis.  Hale was shot in the back.  Smith had gunshot wounds to her face, arm, and chest. Both were pronounced deceased on the scene.

Antquonette and Tahnaizja (how do you even pronounce the latter?), the latter is all of 15, different last names, from the south side, hanging out in a vacant lot on the other side of town at midnight.

It all ads up to:

Dey were da hoes.



2 responses

3 05 2015
Stan d Mute

O noes! L’bia and KK Lamidia? Dey wuz kilt? Who gone take kay dey babeez? Dey gone stay at dey mama crib?

3 05 2015
obsessive istever

Well, who knows how old those picsc are, but they really don’t look like ho’s. In my experience with black hoes (Oakland, L.A.), they’re almost invariably darke and less healthy looking. The lighter girls have higher status and somehow mostly avoid the stroll.

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