Bizarro, Connecticut. Population 125,000.

15 05 2015

Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut Post:

Malloy: Opposition to ‘Second-Chance’ racially motivated

Lawmakers picked up the pieces this morning following a massive breakdown in the House of Representatives over the governor’s charges of racism on Wednesday.

That’s all it takes to make white people fall apart and send them into a state of mass confusion and pandemonium — Accuse them of racism.

They should read James Edwards’s book.

The political fireworks went off shortly after noon Wednesday, when Malloy was critical of Republican attempts to portray his “Second-Chance Society” package as soft on crime.

Malloy said virtually any location in the state’s cities, particularly the big urban areas of Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford, is near a drug-free school zone – the 1,500-foot area – which results in mandatory felonies for drug possession. Even residents using drugs in their homes can be subject to mandatory two-year prison sentences from which suburban residents are largely free. Malloy’s bill would treat all drug-possession cases as misdemeanors, as an effort to reduce the racial disparity in state prisons.

“To treat those folks differently because they live in those communities is patently unfair and if not racist in intent, is racist in its outcome,” Malloy said.

In an afternoon interview, he cited recent press releases from “seven to nine” GOP lawmakers who misunderstand the bill and overstate its reach.

Malloy said the GOP position displays insensitivity to minority Hispanic and African-American communities. Malloy stressed his proposal would have no effect on existing laws against dealing drugs in school zones. All three competing budget proposals — Malloy’s, legislative Democrats and Republicans — include the savings from the closure of 1,150 prison beds anticipated by the “Second-Chance Society” bill.

Okay, but weren’t liberal Democrats the ones who wanted and got all these 1,000 foot and 1,500 foot and 2,000 foot bubble zones around schools a long time ago?  They said that any opposition to enacting them was displaying insensitivity to minority Hispanic and African-American communities.  Remember, the school bubbles also affected guns and firearms along with drugs.  The original Federal laws were written so vaguely that if you lived in a house within x feet of a school, (as you read above, that’s far more likely to be a possibility in dense urban area than a more lightly dense suburban or rural area)(*), and you stepped outside of your door with a gun, because you sensed some sort of requisite danger, you were violating the law of possessing a gun within a school zone bubble.  Though these original provisions had a special carve-out for CCW permit holders.  Anyway, someone took this provision to the Federal courts and they struck it down on 10th Amendment grounds.  And guess who bitched a fit when that happened?  Liberal Democrats.

Though I shouldn’t be surprised.  A generation ago, the great black political cause of the day was enacting harsh crack laws, otherwise racism.  Now their cause is undoing them, otherwise racism.  Today, they all want cops to have body cams.  When that happens, and all those cams wind up doing is exposing the black undertow, refuting black lies, (#BlackLiesMatter), exonerating cops and creating more WSHH material, ten years from now, they’ll all be demanding that cops get rid of their body cams.

(*) – I once saw a map of St. Louis City with the 2,000-foot bubble circles drawn around all the public and private schools in the city that were open at the time, circa 1991.  About half of the city’s geography was within these circles.



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