Sunday Wrap-Up

19 07 2015


*  Ooks keep knocking back all night businesses on the South Side.  Therefore, the problem is all night businesses. Signed, Bell Curve City Logic.

*  If kids calling for an end to violence worked, St. Louis would have already been a crime free utopia for years.

Just another night in Bell Curve City.

I can remember when his father was a star.  But then I remember his father’s high school graduating class was 1997, two years after mine, and now his son’s graduating class is 2016.  So it’s not a matter of me getting that old as it is black generations are short.

*  It’s dangerous to ride it.  It’s also dangerous to clean it. The MissingLink.

*  Are these the kind of stupid antics one must engage in to get tenure these days?

*  Ferguson?  Back to normal.

*  Now it’s becoming obvious that another beneficiary of ObamaDontCare is the college and university system.  Because 25-year old “kids” can still be on their parents’ insurance plans, schools can drop their insurance for full time students.  But what won’t be dropping at the same time is tuition.

*  Capital punishment:  Among other things, to protect prosecution witnesses.

There’s a part of me that’s cheering for the young man.  He probably got tired of a lifestyle of pills and glowing screens.

The Freeburg Midgets. Still.

Increased sightings of and accidents involving mountain lions in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas are a function of young males leaving their species’ traditional habitat in western South Dakota and making their way east and south.  It’s a law of nature, that young males leaving their traditional lairs and going elsewhere is a matter of them trying to stake new territory for their species.

Look at the people trying to flood into the United States from Latin America and crammed onto boats crossing the Mediterranean trying to enter Europe from Africa.  Almost all of them are young(er) men.

I’ll let you get disgusted.  I’m out of words.


Not that interested in citizenship.  V-Dare Echo Syndrome.

A rapper, a rap-obsessed Senator and a sock puppet gang up on Trump.

Come on, guys.  You’ve gotta do better than that.

*  Like I like to say here often, Colonel Sanders wants you to eat more fried chicken not less.  Ronald McDonald wants you to eat more burgers (or roast beef sandwiches?), not fewer.  Michael Jordan wants you to buy more pairs of Nike shoes, not fewer.  Democracy wants more voters, never fewer.


*  It’s hilarious watching and reading the national media fall over itself to try to find a motive for what Yabadabadoo did in Chattanooga.  I have a suggestion for them:  Investigate what he typically ate for breakfast; maybe that will give us a line.

Someone mentions the unmentionable name of Jared Taylor and the unmentionable name of his latest book.

That someone is Cliff Kincaid.  Someone who I know knows the time of day, and in spite of the fact that he hangs around cuckservative circles, is way more one of us than one of them.

Toldyaso.  In related news, Obama’s CMS Chief is running right through the revolving door to take Karen Ignagni’s old job.  Which means this particular corrupt madness is now officially bipartisan.  Because democracy.

That’s right. There is a war on noticing.

*  In two states, Illinois and Maryland, there are big brewing black versus white liberal food fights when it comes to Democrat Senate primaries for 2016.

In related news, from the Nutroots in Phoenix yesterday, the one where an illegal alien was moderating.  That’s right, grab that popcorn.

*  We were wrong.  Jeb Bush is not AWOL from the culture wars.  He is a willing and stout participant in them.

Since SCOTUS ruled on Obergefell, support for gay “marriage” has actually dropped, and while we’re on that subject, I think the polls all along show more support than there actually is and show less opposition than there actually is, because a percentage of antis are lying to pollsters; we now know that that is the reason why Republicans did better in voting results in 2014 than the polls suggested they would.  But it doesn’t matter anyway; the media, the Federal government and most major important cultural institutions are for it, and the libertarian-individualist-obsessed lamestream right doesn’t have the gumption to reverse it, therefore, it will be.

Lefties are such sore winners.

Deray, Peter Jennings, yeah, I get ’em mixed up all the time.

Might as well them them used to the prison environment.

Two overrated affirmative action mediocrities are feuding with each other.  I’m desperately trying to find a reason to care.

*  Speaking of overrated affirmative action mediocrities, Alan Keyes (got 27% of the vote versus Baraq Obama in IL-SEN in 2004) says that Trump is no Reagan.  Yeah, that might be right.  But what is this need to be comparing everyone to Reagan, or looking for the next Reagan, or using Reagan as the gold standard?  Like I say often in this space, if you were born after November 6, 1966, you never could have possibly cast a vote for Ronald Reagan for any public office, and by the time Election Day next year rolls around, that will apply to everyone under the age of 50.


*  ISIS, not our problem?  Feh, it’s getting closer and closer to being our actual problem.

What’s going on in France that isn’t big news.

And you thought Live Aid was really about helping you.  It was really about helping Bob Geldof feel good about himself, stroke his pathological altruism.

Five thousand naked black men is supposed to make Obama upset or uncomfortable?  From what I’ve heard, he’ll probably think he made it to heaven.

*  They’re not good for much, but they are creative in the scams they come up with.

*  Well, street cops weren’t designed to repel an invasion.

It’s getting really hot in Melbourne, even though it’s now the middle of winter in Australia.

Maybe one day, these kook white leftists will learn the hard way that throwing their lot in with the seventh century totalitarian death cult is playing with fire.


“Social responsibilities class.”  How about limiting football scholarships to young men who are already socially conscious?  Oops, I forgot, there seems to be almost a fully necessary trade off between social responsibility-consciousness and blacks who can run fast.

Crimin itley, 2250 ppi.  What for?  A Full HD smartwatch?

*  You’ve heard of once in a blue moon?  There’s once every 1270 years.

I doubt she really wanted to be an astronaut, but I can believe that NASA in the time period that she was 14 years old (1961-62) deliberately didn’t admit women to the space program.  Because there were a lot of unknowns and question marks about manned space travel and flight at the time, and men are expendable.

*  Most people don’t get sarcasm, so it’s a much bigger hill to climb to develop algorithms to detect and discern it.  Incidentally, I made it my business about four years ago to watch the IBM Watson vs Ken Jennings vs someone else Jeopardy competition.  What really tripped Watson up on the second day was that a lot of the “answers” involved a lot of verbal irony and puns and wordplay.

False Fag Operation?

Sorry, I had to.

This whole hoopla over Gawker makes me glad I never cared about a website called Gawker.




11 responses

19 07 2015
David In TN

‘It’s hilarious watching and reading the national media fall over itself to try to find a motive for what Yabadabadoo did in Chattanooga.”

That’s what being a liberal entails. You’re always making excuses and rationalizations. I know from personal experience during my misspent youth when I was a liberal.

It was very liberating to cross over to the other side. You didn’t have to make excuses and could “notice” the world as it was.

19 07 2015
Hard Right

This whole hoopla over Gawker makes me glad I never cared about a website called Gawker.

I hate to be in the position of defending Communists, but that sounded like a legitimate news story to me. What would have happened if some Republican state senator had been using a fag app to find a date?

From the Derb:

Elsewhere in Europe things are even more dire. The little Greek island of Lesbos, native population 86,000, received 15,000 illegals just in the month of June.

19 07 2015
Alex the Goon

That Nigerian Captain was in England on a student visa — at age 37. Whoever made the joke, “What’s long and hard on a black man? Second grade”, wasn’t kidding.
“there seems to be almost a fully necessary trade off between social responsibility-consciousness and blacks who can run fast.” — If every school adhered to the same standards for players, they’d be recruiting from the same pool, with slower blacks or faster whites; and none would have an unfair advantage. They disqualify affaleets for GPA and steroids, why not “social responsibility” too?

20 07 2015

This latest Trump thing has me a little nervous, I’ll admit, but…

I still don’t know how it will play out. With Trump it kind of reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George decided to do the opposite of what he would normally do – and as wildly successful…

In this case Trump is doing precisely what a professional politician would never do. So far so good. Interested to see the poll numbers.

Ted Cruz, by the way, is the only GOPper not jumping down Trump’s case. Wonder if he is thinking like me? VP if Trump trumps ’em?

20 07 2015

I think what Ted Cruz is thinking is that The Donald may self-destruct, so he’s positioning himself slyly to pick up the pieces if that happens.

20 07 2015

Yeah…Huckleberry too…

I sooooooo wanna see the poll numbers after the McCain thing. Not that I care about Mac, I hate that weasel windbag.

What Trump should say is this…

“I took a personal shot at McCain that sounded like a swipe at POW’s. It wasn’t, so I’m not apologizing. Former POW’s are some tough people – they understand war and they understand I’m fighting for them!” Then go on about how he’s gonna fix all the VA problems, blah blah blah. Then stick McCain again and again for referring to anti-illegal immigrant people as “crazies”.

Beat that shiftless old warmongering gasbag up. He deserves it.

20 07 2015

That’s sorta what Trump is doing.

20 07 2015
David In TN

I don’t think Trump will be hurt. Even the stupid rank and file Republicans are tired of McCain’s War Hero shtick.

20 07 2015

So far it hasn’t. The media and Republican establishment are assuming that there’s a hell of a lot more love out there for John McCain than there actually is.

20 07 2015
Alex the Goon

At first I thought Mccain was a hero for getting shot down. That wasn’t it.
Then I thought he was a hero for getting captured. That wasn’t it either.
Turns out, he was a hero for not accepting early release from war prison — as dictated by the rules. So all this time, he was a war hero for following the fucking rules. Like every-fucking-soldier-ever has done. Glad they cleared that up.

24 07 2015
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